There are a thousand and one reasons why people are choosing Green Views apartments. Tenants have come to love all the facilities we have.

Some love the ultramodern gym and the equipment available there. Others love the swimming pool; while others also love the garden. Still others are interested with the broad balconies, as well as the interior designs of the rooms, just to mention a few.

But there is another facility that tenants have praised, especially for its location—the car park. The underground car park has the capacity of hosting 32 cars.

Each room has a free parking space for one car but will have to pay additional money if a tenant wants to use two cars or more.

The car park is also highly secured. There is a 24/7 security camera that monitors all activities that takes place there, meaning security is well assured.

And again, the fact that the car park is located underground protects the cars from the effects of bad weather, such as intense sunlight and rains.

Tenants, therefore, can feel safe with their cars in the premises of Green Views apartments. We continue to assure tenants that every property, including their cars are highly secured in our apartments.