Tenants and passers-by have always admired Green Views apartment for its beautiful and luxurious edifice. In fact, even drivers in motion do not hesitate to take a quick glance at our magnificent abode.

But one thing that adds to the beauty of our apartment is its location—Airport Residential Area. The area is an elite community located at the heart of Accra. Its proximity to the Kotoka International Airport—just five minutes’ drive away— makes it easier for residents to travel with ease.

Green Views apartments at night

Green Views apartments at night

Airport Residential is a preferred location of choice of for many embassies, multinational companies, NGOs, and many more. Talk of shopping malls and you can’t count them. There is the Marina Mall, the Accra Mall, Woolworths, Roman Ridge Shopping Mall, Koala Shopping Mall, and other uncountable supermarkets.

That is not all, health facilities also abound. The Nyaho Clinic is just some few steps away from the apartments; there is St. Andrews hospital; Healthnet; Medilab Ghana; Airport Women’s hospital, and other pharmacies. Then, schools, oh there are a lot of them. In fact, most of the prestigious international schools are in this area. There is the Jack and Jill; the Englebert School; Galaxy international; Association International; Roman Ridge International; and Three Bears International School.

Airport Residential Area, Accra

The Green Views Project Manager, Xavier Perez, said the location of the apartments gives tenants an added advantage like no other. “We have seen that for our target market, which are the expatriates living in Accra, the perfect location is Airport Residential Area because of its proximity to Kotoka. The expatriates travel a lot, so for them to be near Kotoka makes their lives easier.

They also like the area because it has all the services they need. It has a supermarket, shops, good restaurants, and many more. And then also, most of them have their companies and offices in Airport Residential Area—embassies, international NGOs which have their offices in this area, so it is easy to commute from the apartment to the office. The tenants appreciate the tranquility of Green Views. Even though Airport Residential is a very busy area, the location of Green Views is very quiet and not noisy. Some areas in Airport Residential are very noisy but here is very quiet,” he said.

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