Did you say barbecue? Oh yes, you heard it right. Green Views would always exceed our client’s satisfaction. For us, the luxury of tenants is top on our agenda.

That is why we have provided a garden with a serene atmosphere for the enjoyment of our tenants. It is a place where tenants can spend some time relaxing or entertaining visitors. The garden has a grass area for the kids to play around and have fun. There is also a luxury pool to relax and enjoy and a simple but ultramodern gym.

It is also a ground where our tenants can host mini parties and other gatherings with their friends. In fact, most tenants have enjoyed using this facility for that purpose.

For example, during the 2018 World Cup in June, our Japanese tenant invited some few friends to watch the match with her in the garden while enjoying some barbecue.

Another feature you see there is the flowers. Beautiful flowers have also been planted around the garden to enhance the beauty of the environment.

Our Project Manager, Xavier Perez has more to say about the garden. “There is grass area that the children can play over there. There are also sunbeds for relaxing. At the back of the building are 20 different types of flowers for sightseeing and beautification. We also didn’t cut the palm and mango trees we met on the site, so we preserved nature in a way,” he said.

So, our dear tenants and prospective clients, we want you to know that Green Views has everything made for your comfort and enjoyment. Feel free and organize a barbecue party in the garden and invite your friends to have fun with you.