Automobile giants Volkswagen, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan Motors, Sinotruk, among others have all expressed their interest and plans to set up assembling plants in Ghana to boost the country’s industry growth.

Volkswagen announced in August last year during a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Ghana that the automobile company wants to spread its tentacle in Africa by establishing another vehicle assembly plant on the continent after doing same in Rwanda.

Other car manufacturers such as Toyota, Suzuki and CFAO have also announced their intentions to set up manufacturing and distribution plants in the country.

The three Asian-based companies and government have reached an agreement among them to set up a car manufacturing plants in the country in order to expand their African market.

“Toyota and CFAO have the largest automotive distribution network in Africa and have an ambition to contribute to support further development in African countries. Our vision is with Africa and for Africa. This time, we commit to work together with Suzuki Motor Corporation for the future development of the automotive industry here in Africa as a strategic partner,” Masafumi Yamashita, an executive from Toyota said.

Another giant in the car industry, Nissan Motors has also expressed similar interest in establishing a car assembly plant in the country.

China’s Sinotruk International, one of China’s leading names in vehicle manufacture, has also expressed same interest of setting up an assembling plant in Ghana.

All the automobile companies have affirmed their interest with an MoU between them and government of Ghana and work is expected to begin by end of this year.

This comes as good news for the country as the establishment of the plants will create jobs for the youth and help reduce Ghana’s imports of motor vehicles.