When moving to a new country, finding the right neighborhood to live in is very important, if not one of the most important factors to take into consideration. Accra is a very populated city, with over 2.5 million people, so if you’re moving to Ghana you need to know which are the best neighborhoods in Accra to live in.

How big is the Accra Population?

Ghana is developing at a fast speed, with a population of 33 million, of which 2,660,000 live in the city of Accra.

Overall it is a democratic and politically peaceful country, ranking 40th on the Global Peace Index. However, when not being familiar with the country and not having any idea how the housing system in Ghana works, it can be daunting, moreover if you’re in the process of adapting to life in Ghana.

We are key players in the Ghanaian real estate market, so we have full knowledge about the best residential areas in Accra. Keep reading to learn all about the best Accra neighborhoods.

Best neighborhoods in Accra, Ghana

Airport Residential Area

Accra Airport City © Kwasiog

Apart from offering a very clean, modern, safe and serene environment, Airport Residential Area boasts a great location in Accra.

The neighborhood has everything you need nearby. It is only a 5-minute drive from the Kotoka International Airport, which is highly convenient, especially when you start understanding how difficult the traffic in Accra can be.

It offers a selection of great amenities around; restaurants, cafes, schools, hotels, pharmacies, you name it. Some of the most important companies in Ghana have chosen Airport Residential Area to operate.

It is one of the most developed areas, and out of all the Accra neighborhoods, it has the higher population of expats. It is perfect if you want to start making connections with other expats in Accra.

But all good things come with a price: in terms of housing it is a little pricier than other residential areas in Accra.

Those are some of the reasons why Green Views, our luxury apartments complex in Accra, is located in this neighborhood.

It pretty much ticks all the boxes from the initial list we shared: it is close to many office buildings, not so heavy on traffic as other areas, offers the “peace” factor, specially the little green oasis that Greenviews offers, it is safe, has many great schools, hospitals and other amenities around.

2. Cantonments

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Cantonments is another top area preferred by expats. It is a great option especially if you are coming with your family due to the peace and quiet it offers.

It is also one of the most expensive areas of Accra, but offers very good safety. In fact, you can be sure it’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in Accra.

It doesn’t have such a great selection of amenities like Airport Residential has, but it is only a 5 minute drive away from Osu which is like the “heart” of Accra, full of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and much more. You will find many of the embassies and consulates in Cantonments.

3. Labone

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Labone is on the south side of the Cantonment, with no distinct border between them. This neighborhood is a “cheaper” option in comparison to Airport Residential or Cantonments. You will find many middle-class Ghanaians living here, but also quite a few expats.

Labone is a mix of “work and play”. Here you will find some of the best restaurants, bars, cafes, etc in town and it also has good access to major roads in Accra.

Labone will probably be a better choice if you are coming alone, or just with your partner. If you’re coming with your family, we would suggest other areas.

4. East Legon

East Legon is mostly known to be home of wealthy Ghanaians who have returned from abroad to live in Ghana. Here you will find the most extravagant and luxurious homes and also a great array of amenities, with some of the “hot-spot” places of Accra.

However, it does have some disadvantages. First of all, it is a traffic-prone area, you can be stuck in traffic for hours going and coming back home.

Additionally, it is not an area we would recommend to walk around as amenities are quite spread out. It doesn’t have such a “peace” factor as Airport Residential or Cantonments can offer.

Location wise, it is pretty good if we consider the proximity to the airport or other areas, but with the traffic aspect in it, it makes it longer to get to places.

5. West Legon

West Legon is very similar to East Legon, located approximately 13 km from the city center. Like East Legon, it is also home to many rich Ghanaians who travel in and out of the country with frequency.

Despite it not being as popular as East Legon, it also has a wide array of serviced apartments and estate housing. Its close proximity to the Legon University, one of the top universities in Ghana, makes it an excellent location for students.

6. Osu

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Osu is the heart of the city, the area with the most vibrant nightlife in Accra. It is definitely a “younger spirit” area and thus, the “peace” factor is harder to find. As opposed to East Legon, in Osu you can walk everywhere.

It’s the kind of neighborhood that, unless you really need to or maybe because you are bored and want to change environments, you do not need to move from because you will find everything you need; restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, pharmacies, street food sellers, etc.

Funnily enough, Osu wasn’t supposed to be a residential area, so the offer of residential areas is very limited. However, due to its popularity and growth, it is slowly introducing more options, especially predominating many AirBnb options.

Here you will also find many historic sites like the “Osu castle”, great local night market options, “the Osu night market”, considered one of the best Accra markets, where you can taste local delicacies and 24/7 options at “Oxford street”, the street that never sleeps.

In Osu you can experience both the expat life and the local life. Towards the area of the Osu night market, is where many locals live, predominantly the Ga communities, where you can experience some of the local festivals in Ghana such as the Homowo festival which takes place every August.

7. Roman Ridge

Roman Ridge is located West of Airport Residential. This is a great option if you want to be located in the center of the city, but away from the hustle and bustle. Due to its quiet nature, you will have to move to other areas such as Osu or Labone to find the amenities you need.

Unlike in Osu, the apartment options are very good, especially if you are looking for serviced apartments. This is a very good location if you are coming with your family.

8. Dzorwulu

Dzorwulu is probably the furthest location away from the city center, however it still has a good array of amenities around.

You will not find as many expats here as you may in Labone or Airport Residential, but it is still a good option if you are looking for something more quiet, with good roads and easy access to other main roads and neighborhoods. Dzorwulu is also a cheaper living option than other locations we previously mentioned.

Choosing the right neighborhood in Accra

Depending on your reasons for coming to Accra; whether it’s for work, volunteering, experiencing a new country, etc you may prefer choosing one neighborhood to another. Here are some thoughts to consider before settling for the best neighborhoods in Accra:

  • Living close to your workplace: If your main reason for moving to Accra is for work, consider if you would like to be located a short distance from work. This is because Accra is very heavy on traffic, so would you like to be stuck in traffic every day for hours going and coming back from work?
  • Consider traffic-prone areas: There are certain areas in Accra that are more traffic-prone areas than others. Choosing a neighborhood that will allow you to be able to avoid these areas, may be something to take into consideration.
  • More peaceful area away from “chaos”: Although there are very well developed/modern areas in Accra, some are much more loud and chaotic than others. Maybe the “peace” factor is very important for you.
  • Safety: Safety is surely a big one. Knowing which areas are safer than others, is a key factor to take into consideration
  • Areas with good schools around: If you are moving with kids to Accra, maybe being closer to your kids school is more important than being close to your workplace.
  • Having amenities close by: Amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacy, food places, etc

Be sure to check more tips about finding apartments for rent in Accra.