The Boti Falls are a peculiar set of twin waterfalls that is quite a spectacle to watch. Located just 90 Km north of Accra, it’s a popular visit and a top tourist site in Ghana.  

Continue reading to see what to expect during a visit to Boti waterfalls as well as reasons to pay a visit.

Boti Falls, male and female waterfalls

Throughout history, humans have formed their settlements around water bodies largely due to it satisfying the need for drinking water as well as water for domestic use. However, waterfalls – bodies of water that flow from a higher to lower heights, have a peculiar calming effect on our brains. 

The sight of a water body shimmering in the sunlight is very therapeutic. Now imagine twin waterfalls. That’s the magic about Boti Falls.

What to see in Boti Falls

There are two falls of Boti – the upper falls and the lower falls. The locals describe them as male and female and they fall at different speeds and volumes, usually one more than the other. During the rainy season, the volumes of the water rise such that the two falls meet in what the locals consider as a ‘mating ceremony’ which produces a very beautiful rainbow – a spectacle that is enjoyed and photographed by many. 

It is said that Boti was discovered in 1906 and rediscovered in1950 by a hunter called Tetteh Ngua, who showed a white Catholic priest the hideout. When the priest asked him where the water was coming from, he said in Akan ‘Obo nu ti’ (on top of the hill). Unable to pronounce the phrase, the priest told his friends and associates that it was called Boti and the name stuck. 

So, the priest brought his friends regularly to entertain themselves at the waterfall. Boti became popular when Ghana’s first President Kwame Nkrumah visited the site in1961 and was so happy with the scenery.

Several summer huts are available for tourists to rest and have picnics. The courtyard has a small pastry and soft drink vending point for refreshments as well as guest rooms for those who may want to spend the night there. 

Attractions near Boti Falls

Boti is a mountainous region with some nice very interesting attractions that might require some hiking. So, a tourist has to make sure to take footwear that would be conducive for hiking. One of the attractions is a stone that is believed to be a prayer rock. There is the narrative that there is a history of the prayers of tourists who pray close to the rock being answered. 

The next attraction is a rock that is naturally shaped into the map of Africa and this is a source of wonder to many. Another attraction is another rock that has a huge footprint of an unknown creature. This is amazing because footprints cannot be made on rocks and it is appreciated as a marvel of nature. 

There is also a giant sedimentary rock that forms a shelter close to a river and has some sound holes in them which is believed to be created by certain prehistoric men. The famed umbrella rock is located on top of a mountain and it is a magnificent structure. As its name suggests, it is made up of two rocks that are balanced in sort of a way that defies logic. 

The bigger rock is sitting atop the smaller rock in a way that forms a shade. Moving in further, there is the three-headed palm tree. This mysterious plant is very interesting because each of its heads or stems take turns to bear fruit every year.

How to get to Boti Falls

Boti is about 17 kilometers from Koforidua, the regional capital and main business center. When going from Accra, it is about 60 to 80 kilometers from the Kotoka International Airport. There are multiple routes that can be used to reach the falls and the route as well as the time to be taken should be planned in advance so as not to fall prey to any of the Accra traffic. 

Once out of the Greater Accra Region, one should be prepared for a blend of good traffic-free asphalted roads and not so good stony roads that would drastically slow down a car. The country-side is a good scene to feast your eyes on; from beautiful mountains to period houses, the bustling Koforidua market to the relatively quiet farms.

Very unassuming and seemingly bland entrance does a pretty good job at concealing the beauties within. There is a not-so-large sign board showing that you have arrived at the Boti Falls as well as posters that tell visitors of the various attractions within the site. There is also a poster that shows the various fees that one needs to pay to access the facility. Inside the facility there is a fairly large parking space where cars and buses can park and wait for their occupants. 

Before getting to the Falls, one has to burn some calories by descending a flight of 250 staircases which opens up to a spectacular view of a mountain cut-out with the waterfalls and the pool it forms which flows out of view into the forest. Before the staircase descent is over, the gushing sound of the waterfall is sure to greet you and stimulate your imagination to picture what is in store when the descent is over. The waterfall is a view to behold – an amazing encounter with wildlife and nature.

Many tourists also use the opportunity to swim in the resulting pool that is created from the falls and this is a very enjoyable experience. There are canoes for those interested in experiencing a canoe ride across the water and the banks of the pool provides a very good spot for picnicking and having a good time with family and friends whilst enjoying some cool breeze and nature’s wonders.

Boti is really a total package of nature’s marvels.