The expat community in Ghana keeps growing. Is it because of the spread notion of Ghana being a good “beginners country” into the African continent? Because of its richness in culture? Because of its constant life lessons and “eye-opening” moments? Or maybe just because it is still full of opportunities to be grasped?

Whatever it is that this country has, the expat community is a very diverse one. This diversity has brought along many expats in Ghana starting their own projects or companies. At Greenviews, we want to showcase a few of them.

Five social projects run by expats in Ghana


Aketekete brings a collection of crafted objects that connect people, places and stories. Their objects include handmade jewellery and baskets, all created in collaboration with local artisans.

Behind Aketekete you will find a love story between Maria, a young Spanish lady, and Michael Nana, a Ghanaian native. After beginning a life together in Ghana and digging deeper into its culture, specially its artisanal work, they decided to create something that could keep the VALUE of each step of the process in craftsmanship, something they noticed that wasn’t sufficiently valued.

Through five different values that are rooted deeply into their work; artisan value, traditional value, environmental value, price value and final owner value, they want to help keep the traditional, ancestral techniques alive.

Currently they sell in Ghana, but also do ship worldwide. They’re also available in some stores in Barcelona, Spain. Feel free to check their products on Instagram.

Africana Skincare

Africana Skincare brings natural cosmetic products coming from Ghana that are used to help change the narrative towards the African continent. Currently they have two main products available which are shea butter and African black soap. These are beautifully packaged into 100% natural, sustainable and local materials such as the calabash, the raffia or elephant grass.

They also collaborate with local artisans in the creation of their products. Being able to give back to the local economy is something very important for them

Africana Skincare is run by Tatiana, a half Russian, half Spanish woman who doesn’t feel fully at home anywhere, one of the reasons she likes to say she comes from “the world”. Her unexplainable passion and curiosity for the African continent led her to initiate a travel through various African countries until she landed in Ghana

She observed that the beauty and richness of Africa wasn’t valued or exposed enough. Alongside this, she also lived the many barriers and stereotypes that were associated with this continent and wanted to create something that could portray Africa in a more positive light. 

This, in conjunction with her interest in sustainability and wanting to integrate more natural habits into her day to day routine, is what pushed her to create Africana Skincare.

Purchasing their products in Ghana is possible, they are also currently working on their official website with the intention of selling worldwide. Check Africana Skincare on Instagram.

The Gaia Cup

The Gaia Cup distributes menstrual cups in Ghana, at affordable prices and provides health workshops in rural environments to fight menstrual poverty and revert tabus and menstrual stigmas.

The name Gaia comes from the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth. With this name they want to transmit the idea of women being the carriers of the Gaia force and in turn help change the mindset about what being a woman means and the real value of being a woman.

About their story

This is Ghana’s first menstrual cup!

Elena, since a very young age, was always yearning to go on adventures. Her first adventure was in India, which opened her eyes to how present the sense of community was there.

Before coming to Ghana, she lived in Senegal and traveled extensively throughout other African countries. Whilst working in Ghana, she met Ayisha who is a native from Tamale and runs her own shea butter company. Elena and Ayisha bonded and this bond led to investigating more into period poverty in Ayisha’s home city.

Period poverty

What is this? It is the lack of sanitary products due to financial constraints. The situation in Tamale was a reality. Most girls would not go to school whilst being on their period or prostitute themselves in exchange of getting pads from which they get a lot of infections. When Elena gave Ayisha a menstrual cup to try, she loved it.

They saw it as a possible solution to create change and educate. Learn more about the Gaia cup and stay up tp date following their Instagram account

The cup is currently available in Ghana (The Shop Accra) as well as Portugal and Spain


Akwaman is a socially responsible Dutch streetwear label, ethically made by artisans in Accra, Ghana. Currently, you can find two collections: Collection 1.0 and Collection 2.0, both offering very bold, bright and original designs, for both men and women.

They have a strong mission which is to stand up for people that don’t have the freedom to stand for themselves, because they live in unsafe zones where war, suppression & fear is controlling their daily life. 22% of their profits go to the Southern Cameroonian refugees.

Their story

Akwaman was founded in 2017 by Jetske, native Dutch and Ekwele, native Southern Cameroonian. Their common passion for fashion, ethical principles and human rights is what gave birth to this beautiful project.

Currently, you can shop online via their website and check their designs on Instagram.

Green Mountain resort

This is a project that we have recently discovered. It is not fully running yet but it sounds so promising we thought it should be mentioned. Green Mountain resort is a vegan and yoga resort in the making, with the intention of offering mental and physical wellness in the heart of Ghana.

You can check out more information on their instagram page for now. Let’s keep an eye out because it sounds like something that will definitely make some noise in Ghana!

At GreenViews Apartments we’re thrilled to showcase projects that -as we have done- will shape ghanaian society for the better. Pay us a visit and see for yourself the luxury accommodation options we offer in in Accra.