Take a virtual trip around Green Views Residential property in Accra. The following gallery shows all the details and features of this luxury housing unit in Ghana. Feel free to browse through our website for more information on architecture, amenities, quality and location of this residential development in one of Accra’s best neighborhoods.

Social areas

The social areas at Green Views Residential have been fitted with high ceilings and large windows. The dining and living room feature an open space concept, in which every area is designed to to work as a separate entity, but can be integrated at the same time for entertaining guests.


Well iluminated spaces and breathtaking views set the sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere in Green Views luxurious apartments. Spacious 12 and 13 sqm balconies are the ideal place to enjoy the panoramic views, relax with a book or just enjoy family time. 


Comfort and functionality were the primary issues in the design process of the kitchen areas. In the case of the one and two bedroom apartments, the kitchen area has been integrated into the open space concept.


Otherwise, the three bedroom and duplex apartments have been equipped with a separate large kitchen, adjacent to the dining area, complete with a laundry room and breakfast table. The kitchen at Green Views features flawless and contemporary desing, as well as premium quality materials.

Master Bedroom

Green Views Residential feature three types of master bedrooms. The one bedroom apartment’s covers a surface of 13 sqm, with plenty of space to fit a work desk and a double bed with twin nightstands. It has direct access to a separate dressing room.


The two bedroom layout features a 18 sqm master bedroom, which incorporates a large dressing room and wardrobe, double bed, and twin nightstands.


Finally, the three bedroom and duplex configuration is composed by an spacious 28 sqm master bedroom. This impressive space features a large dressing room and wardrobe, double bed and twin nightstands and a desk/work area. See more details in our arquitecture section.

Children Bedroom

The children’s bedrooms at Green Views are available for the two, three and duplex configurations. Featuring a 14 sqm surface, all children’s bedrooms are fitted with a double set of single beds, individual nightstands, two separate wardrobes and individual desks for homework.

Master and Visitor’s bathroom

  • The en-suite master bathroom features twin sinks, as well as a shower and bathtub.
  • All bathrooms have been constructed with imported furnishings and tiles.
  • The wooden textures and materials all come from local sources.
  • Soft and indirect light fixtures, mixed with a smooth bright and dark color palette, contribute to the comforting atmosphere.

The same treatment has been given to the shared and visitor’s bathroom in the three bedroom and duplex apartments, the first with a set of twin wash basins, and both equipped with showers, to also guarantee the comfort of your guests.