Ghana has signed two separate deals to purchase nine planes to kick-start the establishment of a new home-based carrier.

This took place at the just ended Dubai Air Show 2019 in the United Arab Emirates. The deal involves the purchase of  6 Dash8-400 turboprop planes from Canadian Manufacturer De Havilland Aircraft and 3 Boeing 787-9 planes from American Multinational Company Boeing.

The Boeing 787 dream-liners, it is understood, will be dedicated to long-haul flights to areas such as the Far-East whereas the 6 Dash8-400 turboprop planes will be used for domestic flights and other routes on the continent.

Financial arrangement for the Dash8 and Dream-liners are expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The base price per each Dash 8 is about US$35million.

However, the final price determination per each Dash8 aircraft that can seat up to 82 passengers is to be informed by the base price, configuration, branding and any other such modifications a customer may deem necessary.

The B787-9, on the other hand, cost about US$200million. This is will also go up based on the configuration and other requests Ghana may submit.

Government is assessing two financing arrangements for acquiring the nine aircraft: either a leasing arrangement with a third-party funding it and regular payments made by the new carrier, or an outright purchase with funding from investors or central government.

Aviation Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda, speaking to the local media B&FT after the signing ceremony for the two deals said: “We have decided to use the turboprop aircraft to serve the domestic and regional needs of passengers.

We have done our research and assessed all the aircraft that are available, and we think this one is the one that is most efficient and the one most suitable given the weather; and so, on that we can use them to transport Ghanaians within the country and also send them to other West African countries,” he said.

This measure announced by the government will also benefit the expat community of residents of our exclusive apartments in Accra. A further option will be opened to fly from the nearby Kotoka International Airport.