As the hub for international business and trade of West Africa, Accra, Ghana’s vibrant capital city, plays home to many important multinational companies as well as International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) posts. This essential collection of offices offer advantages for trading between Ghana and many international investors, and their influence is distinctly evident in the country’s thriving economy. 

This post reviews the top 8 major branches of the ICC in Ghana, and highlights their importance for facilitating worldwide agreements involving Ghana.

Spain Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The Spain Ghana Chamber of Commerce SGCC stands as an essential connection between Spain and Ghana’s entrepreneurial spheres. Sponsoring functions such as networking, professional pairing sessions, and business trips, the SGCC organizes networking events, trade missions and fruitful opportunities for Spanish and Ghanaian companies. 

It’s also a hub for legal guidance for Spanish business developers in Ghanaian soil.

France Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The France Ghana Chamber of Commerce (FGCC) is another influential organization in Accra, driving economic cooperation between France and Ghana. 

The FGCC strives to improve the economic ties with Ghana, providing a platform for both French and Ghanaian corporations to connect and make deals, explore new ground and work in coalition with each other. 

The organization delivers commercially-related services as well; consisting of investigations, consistent guidance and expert legal help, contributing towards smoother company processes the members are part of.

American Chamber of Commerce Ghana

The AmChan Ghana acts as an essential asset for businesses from the United States and Ghana, igniting collaboration and commerce between the two countries. 

It maintains a modern network of vital partners and helps its members through voicing arguments associated with promoting a positive economy for the West African nation. 

The association also arranges dealings on behalf of entrepreneurs with potential partners using trading visits and social events. Additionally, To contribute its share in the steering of precious linkages among the two countries, the USGCC directs policy consultation and provides practical guidance to company owners.

China Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The China Ghana Chamber of Commerce plays an indispensable role in the commercial sphere of Accra. 

As China is the first commercial partner of Ghana, the CGCC organizes business gatherings and educational seminars with a goal to maintain options of new ventures and deals, securing a friendly atmosphere between both nations.

Germany Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The German Ghana Chamber of Commerce (GGCC), strives to foster both trade and investment between the two countries. It helps enable productive commercial alliances, supports ventures involving both countries, and offers freshly detailed information or knowledge to companies who nurture the ambition to grow their outreach in each country.

German-Ghana trading relations in 2021 evidenced a 284.9 million euro-value in imports by Germany from Ghana and exports from Germany to the African nation worth 359.2 million euro. Machinery and chemical manufactures characterized the strongest presence as imported to Ghana from Germany, with Ghana providing the most in foodstuff and raw elements.

The GGCC plays a major part in boosting economic collaboration and optimizing business opportunities by advocating and promoting attractive economic conditions, as well as providing relevant and practical services such as legal guidance and cost-effective instruction on business activities.

United Kingdom Ghana Chamber of Commerce

The UKGCC was created in 2016 as a way to increase commerce and enhance trade partnerships between Britain and Ghana. The organization has since then become the major authority in its field in Ghana when it comes to securing, filling, and stemming the commercial and trade space between the two countries.

The Ghana South Africa Business Chamber

Since 2008, when the Ghana South Africa Business Chamber opened, business commerce between Ghana and South Africa has seen a robust surge in growth. This Chamber has indisputably acted as a thriving contributor to the soaring success of trade between the countries.

This organization is devoted to growing commerce and rooting cultural associations between the two countries. Among its members are representatives of different fields, including:

  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Financial Services
  • Property Development
  • Energy
  • Health Care
  • Legal Professions
  • Hotel Industry
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Imports/Exports Management
  • Computer Technologies
  • Education and Air, Sea and Courier Delivery Services.

The Ghana India Trade Advisory Chamber

The Ghana India Trade Advisory Chamber ( GITAC) looks to expand contact between Ghana and India with specific focus on business dealings. The Chamber accommodates diverse branches of commerce. Every associated industry has involvement as it seeks to draw ever closer ties between the two countries.

The presence of diverse offices of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Accra, Ghana permits regional business operations to thrive. 

Contributing their own networking connection, services for sole entrepreneurs, and defending firms through militant initiation, these ICC divisions are instrumental in creating interconnectivity between people, establishing a flourishing financial appearance and nourishing growth with multitude-reaching prospects.