The presence of the Lebanese community in Ghana goes as far back as a century ago. Many have acquired the Ghanaian nationality and have integrated so well into the ghanaian society, that they can speak the Ghanaian Twi language better than some indigenes. Their influence is so big that you will have no problem finding excellent Lebanese restaurants in Accra.

Best Lebanese restaurants in Accra

The offer of international restaurants in Accra is quite large. You can find anything from Mexican, to Turkish, Chinese and other international cuisines, but the Lebanese are great when it comes to setting up businesses in Ghana and contributing to offering a wider selection of cuisine options in Accra. You can check them all out in our ultimate guide to Accra Restaurants.

The Lebanese community has contributed enormously to the economic development of Ghana and it can be reflected in the vast number of Lebanese owned businesses in Accra.

Zaytoun Artisan Café

Located at the Urbano Hotel in Oxford street, Zaytoun offers a unique concept of coffee shop that serves Middle Eastern delicacies and crafted cocktails. The space is small and serene. Although it is an outdoor setting right next to a busy road, you feel as though you have found some sort of escape into a beautifully decorated terrace. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about all the dishes. It does take quite a while to receive your meal but everything is prepared fresh.

The menu is pretty varied, with a selection of mezes & dips, tagines (fatteh), shawarmas and more. Prices range from 40ghs for a hummus or 50ghs for a fatteh. And of course, don’t forget to try one of their crafted cocktails or fresh smoothies!

  • Opening hours: Mon-Thurs & Sun 8am-10:30pm, Fri & Sat 8am-11pm

Abodiyaa Lebanese restaurant

Abodiyaa is all about freshly cooked & authentic Lebanese food. The restaurant setting is very small and simple, just a couple of tables with chairs. Atmosphere is not the best either, but the quality of the food just makes up for it!

The owner, who is Lebanese and very talkative but friendly, makes everything by himself the moment you order (reasons why service can be a little slower). The menu is not very extensive but it is definitely worth your money and will leave you satisfied.

The best dish we recommend is the hummus! Freshly made hummus, with delicious olive oil (the best in town!). You can also find Manakish (zaatar, cheese and minced meat) which is similar to pizza. And of course shawarma which is very recommended as well.

Fairly priced dishes. The hummus is 60GHS and a shawarma is around 35GHS.

  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6am-6pm

Vixie’s Delicacies

Situated in Dzorwulu, Vixie’s Delicacies has a combination of Lebanese and Continental dishes. It’s a little hidden oasis of a gem that really is one to experience, as it’s tucked away in the back streets. The restaurant provides a real cozy and homely feel which makes the food even more delicious.

The owners are very much involved in the business (expect them to maybe come out and talk to you whilst you are eating!). It’s owned by Vicky, who is the chef, and her husband Abdu.

The menu has a wide selection, with a great variety of meze (appetizers) to choose from. The prices are fair taking into consideration that portions are pretty large.

  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7-10pm, Sun closed

Dream Bakery

Dream Bakery, as the name already suggests, is more of a bakery place (and grocery store) rather than restaurant. However, it had to be mentioned on our best Lebanese restaurants because the baked Lebanese food options such as the mankoush (traditional Lebanese flatbread topped with different flavours) which is a very popular breakfast option, is one of the best.

The atmosphere is far from fancy. It is very simple and not the coziest but the authentic Lebanese food makes up for it.

  • Opening hours: Mon closed, Tues-Sun 8am-5pm

Balha’s Bakery

Balha’s Bakery is a hidden gem in Tema. It is still not a very popular place so you won’t find that much information on the internet about it. However, now is the best time to go and try for yourself before it becomes the best Lebanese restaurant in Ghana 😀

The food is all freshly made in a home-like setting. Fresh meat, fresh baked goods (also a great option for Lebanese breakfast!) and a great variety of other Lebanese dishes. Prices are less expensive than other places we have mentioned here, and service is excellent.

  • Opening hours: best to call and confirm 024 555 5111

Other lebanese restaurants in Accra

Then of course you have many other restaurants that serve Lebanese dishes but are not fully Lebanese, they rather have a more modern twist to them and offer other continental dishes. Some of these are among the best coffee shops in Accra: Moka’s restaurant in Labone, Breakfast to Breakfast in Osu, Li Beirut in East Legon or the Oriental patisserie chain of cafes spread around different locations in Accra (very nice baked pastries).

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