Anticipation, nervousness, excitement and in some cases trepidation – these are some of the feelings usually associated with moving from and settling in another country. Many of such travels are made because of business ventures, to exploit more opportunities, to join family and friends, for higher education and many more reasons. It is an absolute must that you do a lot of background research with respect to your destination country – the people, culture, language and all you can learn about the country.

During 2019, The President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo declared the year 2019 as the “year of return” and urged diasporans to come back home, and this saw many diasporans come to Ghana to reconnect with the motherland.

However, after all the research there are some common mistakes many people, even expatriates make when moving to a new country and Green Views Apartments has got you covered.

1. Safety

Safety is priceless. No price tag can be put on safety because it sometimes involves human lives which are irreplaceable. Hence it is of utmost priority to ensure that your security is well taken care of.

Ghana is a relatively safe country with low crime rates in comparison to other West African countries. However, despite Ghana’s reputation of being generally safe, instances of residential and car burglaries as well as pick-pocketing exist and can be very distressing and frustrating to anyone especially foreigners since they tend to be more targeted. It is imperative that you find yourself in a safe community where there are watchful eyes and active police patrolling.

It can really be devastating when you have your valuables stolen and much more if they are very important items like your laptop which contains your life’s works and plans, expensive hand-held electronic gadgets, musical instruments, legal documents among others. Hence, security cannot be overemphasized and should be the number one priority of any individual.

Take security seriously when travelling to any other country and you would really enjoy your stay. We recommend at least visiting the neighbourhood and speaking to someone who can help you with timely information. Green Views Apartments offers secure accommodation in a secure neighbourhood and it will be in your best interests to check it out. Also we recommend you read the articles on safe and unsafe neighbourhoods in Accra.

2. Don’t ship everything

Ever heard the phrase “Less is more”? This is holds true for many situations and also for the situation we are going to discuss. If you don’t need it, don’t bring it.

People have valuable items they really love and would really love to have them when they move into a new country. So for many, they choose to ship these items to their new countries and for some reason they seem to want to bring a whole lot of baggage to their new location. That is fine; and in fact there are some things we have to ship when we move to a new country. So if it is very important that you ship your items it will be more prudent to contact a trusted shipper that is able to explain all the process and the details. They should be able to ship it, clear it through customs and bring to your doorstep.

Not knowing much about customs processes and fees before-hand can cost you a lot of money because you can get surprised by the taxes especially if they are very high. If care is not taken, corrupt customs officials sensing your lack of understanding of the processes and relevant fees can inflate or exaggerate the amount to be paid and this can really be distressing. So once again remember: “Less is more” and “If you don’t need it, don’t bring it”.

3. Have residual income

Many people manage to take what they do as a profession and get a job in another country and that is highly advisable for quick financial stability. However, finding a job in a new country can be a very daunting task.

Academic and Professional Certificates, testimonials, residence permits and some other documents become very important during a job search. If you are moving to Ghana for business and professional purposes, that is great since financial stability will not be much of an issue.

For those who may not know this, your savings can fly away very fast if you have no source of income whiles living in a new country. So if you have plans for travelling to live in Ghana or anywhere, you need to build skills that can generate some income or you start an online business with which you could earn money irrespective of where you are on the global.

So before you move, you have to research and know the business and employment climate and thoroughly think through what you would do to get some residual income that would help you stay afloat in tumultuous times.

4. Don’t send money

Never send your money ahead of time especially to people you do not really know. Wait until you arrive in the Ghana (or whatever country you are going to).

When working with professionals do it in person and make sure there is a written agreement in place that will protect both parties. Many people give their money to someone they think they trust to find suitable accommodation for them and when they arrive in the new country, the realized that they had been swindled and some actually had a place far worth less they had bargained for.

So it is actually a great idea to get and AirB&B or a hotel or a guesthouse to get yourself acclimated to the new area once you arrive. It is a great thing to get someone to take you around and show you around and when you find a good accommodation that suits your needs, you pay for it in person.

Cedi money

5. Don’t rush to buy land

Be very careful when trying to buy land. There is so much land for grabs, but there is enormous pressure on the lands in the cities and being in a rush to buy land can largely get you scammed.

You need time to be able to figure out what exactly you want and do your due diligence. You can hire an independent surveyor or someone from a reputable real estate development company. You have to remember that is it totally fine walking away from a seemingly attractive deal. Be patient, study the area and when the deal is cool, go for it.

It is important to take note of these tips when moving To Ghana to save yourself some stress and trouble.