After a stressful day at work do you feel like going somewhere to wind down and have a great and intimate time with friends? A cafe in Accra where you are guaranteed a good meal or snack? If you’re looking for some of the best brunch spots in Accra, you’ve arrived to the right place.

We’re talking about a fabulous place to meet someone, a cool hang out and lounge to the general public around a suitable location around East Legon. We’re talking about Baa and Bean, a great coffee shop and one of the nicest places in Accra to hangout.

Baa and Bean: a great coffee lounge in East Legon

Located away from the bustle of the city centre, Baa and Bean offers a calm, pleasant and quiet ambience much enjoyed by their regulars. Locating Baa and Bean is no herculean task as it is located on the ground floor of the ever conspicuous white “The Gallery” apartments.

Baa and Bean exists along what some may call the edge of East Legon, it is a few hundred metres East from the Shiashi Junction and Bus Stop. If your landmark is the Accra Mall, Baa and Bean is directly due North and the main road leading to the Tema motorway would have to be crossed to the East Legon side of the road, it is not hard to find.

The white colour scheme of “The Gallery” as well as Baa and Bean gives any visitor to the premise a sense of calm and serenity. As per modern designs, the doors and windows of the restaurant and lounge are all made of transparent glass with the logo of the enterprise at vantage points. This choice takes advantage of the natural sunlight to illuminate the room, keeping everyone alert and invigorated.

Artworks on the walls are really beautiful and many are on shelves, which makes them easy to rearrange and work with. One thing that is hard to miss at Baa and Bean is the carefully arranged array of potted plants and wooden sculpts of animals and African people. Interestingly, the menu and pricing of their services are displayed on large blackboards in the room hence no need to print out menus for customers and when prices are adjusted, the implementation is smooth.

Highlights of Baa and Bean’s menu

Baa and Bean provide mostly food and drinks services to all their customers and patrons with one of their iconic and loved being their iced teas. The services provided by Baa and Bean are so affordable that anyone could pass by and have a decent meal without spending a fortune. Their prices range from 10 cedis for soft drinks to as much as you can pay for the services they offer.

Many patrons and guests come to Baa and Bean for the tasty meals – a combination of both local delicacies and intercontinental treats. Opting for 3-course meals is exciting as you can be spoiled with choices and flavors. Many food lovers have commended Baa and Bean for a great tasting experience and many who go there the first time consequently become regulars.

Things to do at Baa & Bean

Karatu Books is a book distribution company from Nigeria that is trying to promote literacy across Africa. They, therefore take the books to vantage places where people would be more likely to see and patronize them. It so happens that Baa and Bean is one of their distribution points here in Ghana and it is difficult to miss the sight of a bookshelf with an assortment of books – both fiction and non-fiction. These books are for sale and anyone could check them out maybe whiles waiting for their meal to be served or after eating a delicious meal.

Moreover, one exciting thing about Baa and Bean is that they have board games like Scrabble on their bookshelves. These educative and fun games are usually played by patrons and customers of the facility to take away boredom and also learn while waiting for their food to get ready; some also like to have a brief game after they have finished the main meal and moving towards the dessert.

These and other fine advantages like great ambience, good customer service, and relations as well as beautiful set and great food keep customers returning because they cannot seem to get enough of the whole Baa and Bean experience.

Who is behind Baa and Bean?

Miss Derdo Azu, the CEO of Baa and Bean is a Ghanaian who immigrated to Canada for some time and came back to Ghana 11 years ago to set up Tea Baa – the mother company of Baa and Bean. Tea Baa is located in Osu and serves customers and patrons around that locality. The realization that people had to travel far just to experience the quality service of her outfit, motivated her to expand the reach of her business, for others to get the opportunity to experience the value her business, gives without spending much on transportation.

Baa and Bean promote certain core values such as authenticity, resourcefulness, and value for money. These are values GreenViews Residential also believes in because the clientele is at the heart of every business and it is imperative to be authentic, resourceful, and provide value for money. Baa and Bean is a must-visit lounge and one of the Accra restaurants you should pay a visit to!

Theia Coffee House is also another one of the great cafes in Accra that will delight you!

If you are an expatriate in Ghana and want to experience the best of Ghana, look no further than GreenViews Apartments for accommodation and Baa and Bean for great local and continental dishes. Indeed, Baa and Bean is “Accra’s Gem” as opined by one customer.