Security can never be overemphasized in our ever changing world. The rise of technological sophistication has made security a non- negotiable right due to its relative to get compromised. From the processes of finding accommodation to that of setting up a business, security is one of the foremost considerations – and it is rightly so because the value for human life which poor security compromises is immeasurable.In addition, maiming, loss of property, trauma (both physical and psychological) can cause lasting damages hence the need for good security.

Like every other country, there are places that are considered relatively more secure and Green Views Apartments brings you the safest locations in Accra.

Safest neighbourhoods in Accra

Discover the safest and quietest neighbourhoods in the capital of Ghana.

Airport Residential Area

Like its name depicts, the Airport Residential Area is actually located west from the Kotoka International Airport and about 5 minutes’ drive from it. Serene, beautiful and quiet are some of the popular attributes of this location which spans from the 37 Military Hospital down to the Accra Mall and Dzorwulu.

It is generally considered one of the safest and attractive locations in Accra by expatriates because of its serenity, clear atmosphere and security. Airport Residential Area is mostly inhabited by Expatriates and Ghanaians of influence and Embassies. The enhanced security of the Area is mostly stemmed from the fact that most properties have the protection of private security services.

The neighbourhood has numerous well maintained streets lined with trees that give off a beautiful scene. The evening atmosphere is also lit with a stream of beautiful street lights.

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During the colonial era, the Cantoments area was intended to become the military quarters under the British colonial government in the Gold Coast (Now Ghana). It was however upgraded to become a modern planned residential settlement.

Located South west of the Kotoka International Airport, and about 7-12 minutes’ drive from the airport, Cantonments has the popularity of being one of the safest places to live in Accra. This planned neighbourhood has very responsive police services which are partly due to the fact that the Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service and Fire Service Stations are located in this neighborhood.

Cantonments cover a wide area right from the 37 Millitary Hospital to the area opposite the Accra International Conference Centre, Osu and Labone. Like the Airport Residential Area, this place has well-tarred road network and well lit street lights at night and is mostly inhabited by expatriates, Ghanaians of influence and Embassies and Ambassadors’ residences.

Apart from its serenity and beauty, Cantonments has good Ivy League schools like the Ghana International School (GIS) and Morning Star School with the High School St. Thomas Aquinas High School being a prestigious school as well.

East Legon

University of Ghana

University of Ghana

A very popular area in Accra, East Legon covers a wide tract of land – distance of about 4.95km2 and it is 11 minutes’ drive from the Kotoka International Airport and 38 minutes from the Tema Harbour.

The area was named by virtue of its relative location to the Premier tertiary institution in Ghana – The University of Ghana, Legon. East legon exists North of the Accra Mall and borders areas like Ogbojo, Madina, Adjirigano as well the University of Ghana itself. Served by the East Legon Police Station as well as the University of Ghana Police station, East Legon is a relatively safe neighbourhood with many homes and businesses employing the services of private security services. The relative security of the area has also contributed to the proliferation of many businesses and campuses in the neighbourhood.

The Real Estate market is one of the most vibrant and much sought after and properties in the area command high prices as well as rents. The A&C Mall is one of the main landmarks of East Legon due to its ease of location; new businesses spring up almost every day and it is a thrill to leisurely stroll around and discover the diversity of people and services. Many dignitaries including ministers of state, and parliamentarians as well as expatriates, international footballers and celebrities have their homes there and this increases the level of security.


A name that means “On a flat rock” is what has been given to this suburb of Accra called Tesano. With an elevation of approximately 108 feet above sea level, Tesano truly embodies its name. Tesano actually exists along the Accra-Nsawam road and borders Abelemkpe to the East, Achimota to the North, Lapaz to the West and Alajo to the South.

Tesano is a very peaceful and safe community mostly due to the vibrancy of the Tesano Police Department. There is the Tesano Bungalows which is the upscale part of the Tesano community; well-constructed roads, beautiful houses and apartments, quiet and serene neighbourhood are some of the qualities of the bungalows.

There are many businesses in Tesano ranging from restaurants to banks; and the biggest landmark of Tesano is the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) which has two campuses in Tesano. Peace Fm, Ok Fm, Neat Fm, UTV which are well known media companies of the Despite group of companies (a reputable business) are also situated there. Tesano is a well-lit area with working street light and friendly people and many companies and homes hire their own private security and this goes ahead to generally boost the security of the neighbourhood.

The most attractive part of town – the Bungalows has a lot of trees and the area is serene that nearby driving schools prefer to use the roads often to teach students. It is no surprise that some celebrities and people of influence chose to be residents of that neighbourhood for it’s peaceful, serene and out of town (Private) nature. There are great schools from the primary school level to the Junior High level (American Grade 9) and the security of the schools are great. Tesano is a great neighbourhood with a good level of security.

Neighbourhoods in Accra

Find in blue color the safest neighbourhoods in Accra.

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