Do you wish to have a quick breakfast before running to work early in the morning? Do you need to have a business meeting at a relaxed location with some snacks in arm’s reach? Do you wish to meet with a friend and have some head-to head moments? Are you someone looking for a quiet eatery to ponder over certain concerns? Do you need a place that would potentially offer some inspiration for a book you are writing?

If your answers to any of these questions is a ‘yes’, then Theia Coffee House is the right place for you. Green Views Apartments brings you all you need to know about Theia Coffee House, a great place to enjoy brunch in Accra.

Located at the Airport Residential Area John Churcher Loop, 2nd Patrice Lumumba Ln. (The Anchor), the Theia Coffee House is at a very strategic place, away from the bustle of the noisy and moving city. The serenity of the Airport Residential Area lends itself to be an advantage to the siting of the Theia Coffee House. Moreover, the Theia Coffee House is about 2-5 minutes’ drive from Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport, making it a very convenient location for all sorts of meet-ups. It is even less than a minutes’ drive from Green Views Apartments which is also situated in the Airport Residential Area – which makes it a very convenient location for Green Views tenants to meet-up and socialize or grab a snack.

Theia Coffee House

The Theia story starts in Ghana, in the early 1900s when a young man seeking an adventure got on a boat from a small fishing town on the coast of Greater Syria, crossed the Mediterranean and landed thousands of miles away from home in the Gold Coast (Former name of Ghana pre 1957).

Four generations later, Ghana has become the home of the Theia Coffee House and many of the foods have been infused with Ghanaian flavors, healthy local recipes and ingredients that have given Theia a unique and rich taste and experience.

Consequently, the Theia Coffee House has never been lost in the wave of food education that has been going on in Accra. It is clear that the Theia Coffee House has not only housed Coffee and Tea but houses many seminars, conferences, workshops and meet-and-greet events.

During the period of 18th May 2019 Theia hosted a workshop captioned: “The Food Renaissance: Back to the Basics” where Food Revivalists and food enthusiasts passionate about celebrating identity, cultural heritage and local traditions through food educated and interacted with the general public. Also, the Theia Coffee House has once hosted Chef Binta’s “Fulani Dine on a mat” – where she treats guests to a traditional Fulani meal whiles educating them on the symbolisms and the ways of the Fulani.

On a typical day, the Coffee House gets ready for the day’s business at 7:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm late afternoon. During this period, it serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, drinks and snacks with prices ranging from Gh₵2 to Gh₵60. Besides the coffee, tea and other beverages provided, Theia Coffee House also serves customers with great French, Mediterranean, Greek and Arabic cuisines much to the delight of its patrons. The food has also gained a lot of positive reviews from customers and they are never disappointed with the food quality or the quality of service.

If you are someone who would love to enjoy coffee shops in Accra, and a culinary adventure amidst socializing with other people, you definitely have to be at Theia Coffee House and for those who would love to join a culinary workshop, you can inquire from the waiters when next there is going to be one you could participate in the educative experience.

Theia Coffee House

No wonder a customer described Theia as a “great coffee and tea oasis in a big city”. Anytime you are in Accra and at the Airport Residential Area, please do well to check out the Theia Coffee House for a great café experience. Moreover, it would be in your best interest to also check in at the Green Views Residential Apartment for great services.