Ghana is not very much known for its beaches but once you have a chance to live here you realise that it boasts beautiful landscapes, nature and white sandy beaches that seem to come out of a postcard.

Today we want to present to you a selection of three swimmable beaches in Ghana that will not disappoint you in terms of cleanliness, where you will enjoy a good swim in the sea. Also, a great escape from the sometimes chaotic Accra.

Some of the best beaches of Ghana

Ko-Sa beach

Ko-Sa beach

This beach is located in a beautiful tropical setting, full of palm trees, coconuts and serenity. It has a long beach stretch for you to enjoy a peaceful walk. You can even walk all the way to the neighbouring beach called Brenu beach. It’s a worthwhile visit specially because Brenu Beach Lodge has one of the best seafood soups you will ever try, at a very affordable price.

The best part, and the main reason why we recommend this beach to our tenants at Green Views, is the cleanliness of the beach and the fact that this sea particularly doesn’t have a very strong current, making it a very nice spot for swimming or even taking a dip with the youngest ones by the shore.

You can always order drinks & food at the Ko-Sa beach resort or even spend a couple of nights at a very affordable price. Ko-Sa beach is located next to the small fishing village of Ampenyi, which is very close to Cape Coast. It’s approximately a 4h drive from Accra.

You can enjoy long walks on its super long beach stretch

How to get to Ko-Sa beach by tro-tro

In case you feel adventurous or maybe tired of driving yourself, you can also get there by tro-tro. The best option would be to get to Kaneshie where you can find transport heading directly to Takoradi and you can ask them to stop in Ampenyi. Once in Ampenyi you can take a shared taxi (or private) which will take you directly to Ko-Sa Beach Resort (our favourite beach spot).

Tills Beach Resort

Unlike Ko-Sa beach, Tills beach can be done as a day trip from Accra.

It boasts a beautiful beach stretch (much wider than Ko-Sa beach), palm trees everywhere that make you feel as if you were in paradise, white sand and absolute cleanliness. Swimming in the sea is also very possible because the currents are not as strong as in other beaches in Ghana.

Tills beach is also known to be a surfing spot. They say it’s like a surfers paradise because of how quiet it is. If you are an experienced surfer then this would be a great spot for you but if you are a beginner then definitely not as there are no surf schools or surf lessons around (better to head to Busua for that).

How to get to Tills Beach

Tills Beach

It’s located in the town of Gomoa Fetteh, approximately a 2h drive from Accra.

  • If you want to travel by public transport your best bet would be to head to Kaneshie and take any car heading towards Winneba. You can then ask the driver to stop you at Gomoa Fetteh.
  • Once you arrive at the correct junction, you will find a small taxi station where you can take a private or shared taxi towards the resort.
  • Please note that Tills Beach resort does take an entrance fee of 50 GHS.

We recommend that you take this as a day trip rather than a longer stay because the accommodation at this resort is not one of the best ones, but the beach is definitely worthwhile.

Butre Beach

This choice is the furthest one from Accra and requires a trip of at least a couple of days. It’s location offers a variety of activities from simply relaxing, water activities such as surfing or even some partying.
Butre Beach offers a very relaxed and peaceful stay. Its beaches are lovely, very clean and you can enjoy a nice dip in the sea.

The Hideout lodge is our recommended accommodation; very affordable, great location and friendly staff. It has tables right on the sand, where every morning you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee whilst listening to the sound of the crashing waves and taking in the amazing view.

Activities at Butre Beach

An interesting thing about this beach is that it’s connected to the local fishing town of Butre by a very photogenic foot bridge, meaning the only way to reach the Hideout Lodge is by crossing this bridge. You can also enjoy a boat ride on the Butre river. You’ll get to ride amongst a unique mangrove tree forest full of wildlife; crocodiles, monkeys and a great variety of birds is one of the things you may get to encounter!

During the night you may also get to enjoy a bonfire by the beach.

If you are looking for a little bit of more movement or maybe want to practise some surfing, you can always head to the neighbouring town of Busua (very well known in Ghana). Busua is much busier and crowded than Butre. Unlike Butre which doesn’t have a big selection of accommodation, Busua has quite the selection.

You can always enjoy a peaceful night in Butre and then head for another night to Busua to experience more liveliness!

How to get to Butre Beach

It is located in the town of Agona in the Western Region of Ghana, not too far from Takoradi.

Expect approximately a 7h drive from Accra or a long tro tro adventure. In the same direction as the other two beaches, you would have to take a car going to Takoradi which would be the last stop. From Takoradi you could take a private car straight to Butre (expect to be charged at least 100 GHS, probably more).

At Green Views we appreciate nature and we love to feature some of the best locations to visit in Ghana. We hope you get to enjoy our selection of top three cleanest beaches in Ghana. If you do, let us know in the commments!