Yes, we are not settling for anything substandard, not even our pool side furniture. After giving tenants a luxury pool to relax and enjoy so they can release some stress, we decided to give them more.

Our furniture on the pool side is another precious gem in this apartment. We want our tenants to enjoy every bit of their use of our facilities, so we gave them the best furniture, even on the pool-side.

The manufacturer of the furniture is Alexander Rose. Those familiar with this company know it is the biggest supplier of wooden garden furniture in the UK. Their products are of the highest quality and rated among the best in the world.

And as has always been our hallmark, Green Views will go for the best in everything. And that is why we demanded that our supplier gives us high quality furniture for our pool-side.

Yaw Mograbi, the supplier of the furniture, gives us the details about our pool-side furniture. “The pool side furniture is called Alexander Rose and it’s of very high-end. It is made in the Philippines. The weave is called Viro—a solid weave that cannot break or crack under intense sunlight. It is UV protected and can’t fade under sunlight.

The frame is made from aluminium and it is treated many times over to prevent it from rusting. It is one of the best in the world and that is what Xavi Perez, the Green Views Project Manager, made clear to us. He told us he wants products of the highest standards for his facility,” he said.

Can you imagine yourself feeling cosy on an Alexander Rose furniture, and reading a book or taking a drink, or even a nap on the pool-side of Green Views? It is possible.