There comes a time when you feel dull, bored, and crave for some adventure to spice up your life. Are you a looking for outdoor activities you can engage in with your friends and family and other loved ones? Are you a parent with very active children who love to outdoor adventure? Are you looking for a place to spend that once-a-while getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city?

Then the answer to these questions and these wants is Mabbina Park. In this this article, Green Views Apartments discusses Mabbina Park and the services they offer.

In the eastern Region amongst the lush greenery and the sights of the ranges of mountains and hills, there exists a Park. A park- first of its kind in Ghana that provides the kinds of services we would be looking at very soon. Mabbina Park is approximately 70 km away from the Kotoka International airport in Accra and it takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to get there with a car from the airport.

As an establishment situated away from the busy city life, the journey to its location proves to be a rewarding one. Wildlife, geological beauties and wonders, engineering feats and the sight of natives going about their daily routine will feed your eyes and you will not get enough of it. To be specific, Mabbina Park is located in Akosombo – the town popularly known for the presence of the Volta River which is the major source of Electricity for Ghana and is quite opposite the Akwamuman Senior High School.

Mabbina Park promises to deliver a great experience of adventure and physical activity – a world where we can lose ourselves in the moments of physical activity and forget our life’s problems ; unwinding from the stresses of everyday living and promoting physical workouts with family and friends. Many have described the experience of Mabbina as one that promotes teamwork and togetherness which are similar to values GreenViews Apartments espouse. This means that the facility is best utilized and enjoyed when one is in the company of others. Let us go ahead and look at some of the activities that can be undertaken in the Park.

The Olympus Wall

The Olympus Wall is the tallest recreational wall in Ghana just yet and the most famous activity of the Mabbina Park. It majestically stands at a towering 25 feet high and 50 inches thick. This activity requires one to step on the fixed stones on the wall and climb up to the highest point. The stones on the wall are of different sizes and shapes making it quite challenging to maneuver. Moreover, all participants are required to wear safety gear which consists of safety helmets and safety belt to keep one in safely in case one loses grip of the stones.

The Titan Course

Mabbina Park

This is generally designed based on the traditional principles of rigorous military exercise. The Titan Course just like its name suggests is a course with various obstacles like loops and many other impediments that would require you to move in ways you don’t often do. Some of these movements which entail crouching, crawling and many more would have to be employed by participants in the game to enable them complete the challenge successfully and hopefully win if they are competing with their friends and colleagues.

The Rump

The Rump is a 26 feet high water slide recorded as the tallest water slide in Ghana. The rump features a ladder, a slide and a shallow pool where people who slide down the Rump enter into. Many have described as euphoric the felling of sliding down from 26 feet into a pool of water. Although many view slides as entertainment for children this slide appeals to people of all ages who love to have fun.

Cone Minefield

Just as its name suggests, the cone minefield consists of cones arranged on the ground into what looks like a maze. The participant is then blindfolded and attempts to navigate the maze with help from nearby team members who would tell the participant where to step in order to avoid the cone mines and successfully navigate and exit the cone mine field. This game is very exciting for both young and old as it depends on the participant’s ability to follow instructions and also a bit of intuition.

Dizzy Penalty

How does one successfully take a penalty kick when feeling dizzy? This can be be experienced at Mabinna Park where one id in the midst of family and friends enjoying a friendly competition. The participant runs around a pole 10 times right after which he or she has to play a football (Soccer ball) and score. This teaches the participant to learn the difficult art of focusing on whatever goal they are to achieve even during dizzying or tumultuous times.

Mabbina Park


Archery is an age-old practice of using a bow to shoot arrows to hit a desired target. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and also in combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive and recreational activity. Mabbina is one of the very few spaces in Ghana where anyone can go learn, practice and compete with friends. So with the game at Mabbina, a target is set and the participants have to obtain scores by shooting arrows. This sport is enjoyed by people of all ages and all cultures.


Lozano is an innovative and fun game where teamwork and sensitivity to other people is really explored. In this game balloons are placed between competitors and they are supposed to ensure that the balloons do not fall on the ground or get burst while they move about towards the goal. No one is supposed to touch the balloons with their hands after they have been placed between each participant; and only the first participant doesn’t get a balloon. There is another variant of the game where the balloon is placed in between the legs. All ages enjoy this game.


Mabbina is a great place to checkout if you need a place to hang out with friends and family and have fun. If you you are in Accra and you need an Apartment, kindly check out Green Views Apartments in the Airport Residential Area for great services.