Meet me there African Lodge is not a typical resort in Ghana. This not-for-profit lodge is located in Dzita, a village in the heart of the incredible Volta Region in Ghana.

Apart from offering you an eco-friendly, charming, authentic local and rich environment, your stay at Meet Me There African lodge will contribute towards improving sanitation, education and health care of the local community. As a non-for-profit lodge, it supports the work of their NGO “Dream Big Ghana”.

A different kind of resort in Ghana

Discover a real disconnection from the outside world

Meet Me There African lodge is not your traditional beach resort. “There’s no wifi, but I promise you’ll find a better connection”. This is the perfect quote to describe this place because they do not have wifi and actually almost no network either, but we promise the connection you will find is so much better!

If you go onto their website, on the general information section you will find the following points:

  • No wifi
  • No hot water showers
  • No Tv’s
  • No AC

If you think about it, this is an actual getaway in the literal sense of the word. Get away from technology; get away from “fancy” appliances. It is a bit of a “back to basics” where you really get to focus on the present moment and you realize that you do not need too much to live well.

If you’re into sustainability or conscious about certain daily lifestyle habits, this is a great location for you. Rooms have been constructed in an eco-friendly way, using mostly local and natural materials. The highlight is the toilet which is a compost toilet with an amazing outdoor shower (not all rooms have this, only the twin double room and suites). Even the bin in the toilet has a paper bag rather than a plastic bag (it’s all about the small details!).

You will wake up to birds singing and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves. Not only a calm atmosphere, but very private too. The number of rooms available are limited to nine; one twin double room, one double plus, two queen plus, one honeymoon suite, one chief suite, one sea view suite and two sunrise/sunset suites, which are the newly built suites with their own decks built on the water, overlooking directly the lagoon, palm trees and beach.

An affordable and authentic experience

The room rates are very affordable, cheapest being 180ghs per night for the double room and the most expensive being 400ghs for the sunset/sunrise suites. Breakfast is not included but food is also fairly cheap. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should order hours in advance to avoid disappointment. Service can be pretty slow. Orders for dinner should be made around 5/6pm, after that you may not get any food, not even in the villages around.

The menu has Ghanaian & continental dishes and a selection of three pizzas. It is very possible that not everything on the menu will be available but as mentioned before, the relation of quality-price is good. You can expect to spend an average of 50ghs per dish.

What activities can I do around?

As we already mentioned, this is a very peaceful location, so do not expect any music or parties around. You will find a board at the entrance with all activities available displayed; boat ride around the Volta river for 300ghs (it can be split amongst guests), trip to Fort Prinzenstein at Keta for 100ghs per person, swimming & canoeing in the salt-water lagoon or a visit to the local market which is a 10 minute drive away (only on Wednesdays).

If you have your own car or bike, we do recommend you drive to the end of the road (towards where the market area is) and speak to any of the local fishermen or people around who can agree to give you a private boat ride on their local boat. You can expect to pay anything from 100-200ghs (depending on how good your bargaining skills are) for a 1h boat ride towards the sanctuary. This is where the Volta River meets the sea. You can also stop by one of the local joints for more traditional dishes at more affordable prices.

Meet Me There lodge has also recently opened a Spa; a small little hut on the water with stunning views of the sea. You can choose from a Swedish or deep tissue massage (1h 150 ghs and 30 minutes 80 ghs) and enjoy the whole experience with the final touch of washing off the oils in their inviting open air shower.

Meet me There Spa

You will also find a seating area which is the “game room”. Towards the evening it gets very windy and can get chilly so this is a good space to take refuge in. They have a ping pong table and a box with different table games. A good night time plan is sipping on one of their gin tonic drinks (20 ghs) whilst playing the traditional African board game or a card game (once the sun sets, it can get pretty quiet with not many guests around, just you and the sound of the waves).

So, if you are looking to disconnect (in the literal sense), enjoy some nature & peace and a sustainable/eco-friendly experience, Meet Me There African lodge is your place to go to and one of those places in Ghana you should get to know.

Your visit will contribute directly to the local communities

Dream Big Ghana NGO brings opportunities for the people of Dzita

We at Green Views especially love it for its involvement with the local communities & social cause behind it. Local people from the villages around get to be employed and trained with new skills. For example, thanks to the opening of the Spa, the staff got to be trained to become massage therapists, skills that may help them to further develop in their life.

Meet me there African lodge it’s approximately a 3h drive from Green Views. It is an enjoyable drive visually speaking, especially once you reach the Volta Region. You will see a lot of greenery, picturesque farming and crop views. On the way you will also pass by the village of Vume which is well known for the art of pottery.

Do comment and let us know about your getaways and favorite resorts in Ghana!

Meet me There African Lodge Location

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