Global warming, disease epidemics, pollution and waste management issues, as well as a fast-declining wildlife population has brought recycling and sustainable initiatives into many environmental discussions. Fortunately, there are a handful of recycling companies in Ghana solving long-time problems and fighting climate change in the process.

Waste management, an issue yet to be resolved

Gradually, the world is becoming more and more aware of the impact of our everyday activities on the planet and thanks to the advocacy efforts of certain people and groups. Many countries and companies are trying to make policies that would encourage people to reuse or re-make materials and Ghana is no exception.

Ghana is a beautiful country and many natural resources abound. A lot of these resources are processed into many goods, creating a waste management problem where the landfill sites are getting full. The e-waste disposal site at Agbogbloshie is one example. However, there are many local and international agencies that have advocated for recycling companies to be set up as Ghana’s contribution in fighting global warming.

Let’s take a look at the recycling companies in Ghana that are making a difference dealing with waste management and other related issues.

Top 5 recycling companies in Ghana

Zoomlion Company Limited

This is a wholly Ghanaian owned enterprise and they engage in many waste management activities for which they have gained popularity. Their clients are usually local authorities and governments who seek to raise the sanitation standard in the cities and towns.

The company does not only operate in Ghana, but in other African countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Liberia, Togo and Zambia. They have some of the biggest recycling plants in Africa in terms of capacity to treat waste.

Zoomlion Company Limited was registered in April 2006 with the objective to provide highly skilled people to manage waste across the country. Today, the company provides integrated waste management solutions from waste collection, through haulage, transfer and sorting to recycling and disposal.

The company’s plastic recycling plants recycle plastic waste into usable products such as waste bins, polyethylene bags commonly known as plastic bags and waste bin liners. Their Waste Bins comes in the form of 240 litres and 120 litres suitable to store your waste. In addition, the plant has a tunneling system that produces compost from the waste materials. About 3000 bags of compost are produced daily.

Coliba Ghana

This is the name that the indigenous people of Ghana give to the men who buy out metal scraps from the general populace and resell to the big industries who recycle them to make other products.

This inspiration led to the setting up of Coliba in the year 2017 and they aspire to be Africa’s leading driven recycling company that provides innovative solutions to challenges in the recycling sector.

They recover, collect and recycle all kinds of plastic, paper and beverage waste into new products using low cost and energy processes. Recycled pellets are produced from sachet water plastics and other low density plastic materials which are used by plastic manufacturing companies to make new products.

Jekora Ventures

Jekora Ventures was established in 2003, is a 100% Ghanaian-owned limited liability private company. Hard work and sharp-witted business practices propelled Jekora limited into a fully-grown waste management company with the investment of more refuse vehicles, machines and equipment, with the support by the acquisition of these additional equipment and a highly motivated professional management sector.

They provide waste collection services, public toilet management systems as well as plastic waste recycling services. Plastic waste recycling is available to all of their commercial clients and rewarded with a discount and blue coloured 240 litre bins are provided for this special exercise.

The plastic waste is processed by their partners into new plastic products such as domestic products and toys. Some of their clients participating in the plastic waste recycling programme include:

  • Ghana Institute of Journalism
  • Burger and Relish
  • Coconut Grove Regent Hotel
  • Webster university
  • Pharmanova

Jekora limited was recognized for converting source separated food waste from local markets, fecal sludge from public and private septic tanks, wood waste, and rice husk from the mills to produce compost and briquette as a soil amendment and low-cost alternative to fuel wood for food, energy and cleaner environment

Nelplast Ghana Limited

Nelphast Ghana Limited was established in September 2018, as a plastic waste recycling business engaged in the production of eco-friendly pavement and building blocks.

They are a Ghanaian company that turns waste plastic bags, waste bags, plastic film and containers into pavement slabs and tiles which last beyond 35 years and are 800% stronger and quality than ordinary pavement blocks. The waste collected is transformed through an innovative recycling process to produce new construction materials.

They also use these plastic waste products to manufacture coffee tables, flower pots and stools. The recycled slabs allow paving of roads, towns and villages at the costs lower than those incurred with traditional asphalt and reducing maintenance costs.

Nelphast currently produces close to 200 blocks a day using 800 kilos of plastic waste and employs 60 workers directly. The production chain as a whole has managed to create work for 230 people. This production capacity is too low for the demand of the national market, which expresses an interest in using these innovative blocks.

Moreover, they are carrying out numerous initiatives to upgrade the plant, through new machinery, equipment and spaces in order to expand the production of plastic blocks to deal with the national market.

Electro Recycling Ghana

This company is represented by two people – Hans-Werner Müller & Nana Yaw Konadu. Ghana’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Provided them the license to operate a disposal plant for electronic waste in Ghana in the year 2020.

Electro Recycling seeks to perform and encourage responsible initial treatment and proper recycling of electronic waste, metal scrap and the management of used batteries in Ghana.

Moreover, they are into the The manual dismantling of the old devices which makes it possible to obtain clean secondary materials and to dispose of critical materials carefully and professionally. As humans get more and more technologically advanced, more electronic waste is produced and this destroys the environment because they take so long to decay.

Hence Electro seeks to create sustainable jobs and a functioning recycle economy. Their disposal plant is located in Madina, a suburb of Accra and it is also the first of its kind in Ghana.

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