You will most definitely agree that the internet has changed the way we do a lot of things and it is here to stay. One of the things that the internet has changed is “shopping”. Whether we like it or not, E-shopping has come to stay and is growing bigger by the minute as many people are realizing and tapping into its advantages to make life easier and more efficient.

From the avoidance of queues and other inconveniences at physical stores, the shopping websites come to the rescue to eliminate or drastically reduce queues and other inconveniences like bad customer service, irritations from other clientele and even the transport cost to the location of the stores… online shopping has really made shopping easier and more fun.

Green Views, a property featuring high quality apartments in Accra, will help you discover the Top 5 online shopping websites in Ghana, so you can have your orders delivered to you and save your precious time.

Best five online shopping websites in Ghana


This online shop is has grown to become arguably one of the great online shops here in Ghana in terms of the sale of electronics and fashion items with price ranging from GH₵20 to Gh₵69,000.

On Afrikart you can get Air Conditioners, Fans, Fashion items, Home Appliances, Personal Appliances, Phones & Accessories, Refrigerators, Television and Audio, Voltage Regulators, Washing Machines and Water Dispensers.

These aforementioned products come from your favorite and trusted brands and there are no qualms about their quality. Sometimes, some selected products get to enjoy some discounts depending on the season and time of the year; this can help save some money.

The website also provides a column for customers to share their reviews on products to help other customers to make good choices. It is noteworthy that Afrikart gives shipping charges if you choose for the product to be delivered to your doorstep.

Alternatively, one can go and pick up the product at any of Afrikart’s offices/stores. They have shops near the Graphic Road, Madina, Ashaiman, Kumasi, Koforidua, Ho and Spintex.


This is another popular shop here in Ghana where you can get loads of stuff from Chinese manufacturers. They have an advanced website with excellent customer service as well as tracking system for customers to track how far the processing of their orders have reached.

Kikuu deals with fashion, Kids and Toys, Home Appliances, Cosmetics and Beauty, Electronics, Phones and Accessories, Computer and Office accessories, Automobile Accessories and Sports and Entertainment Equipment.

There is a step by step tutorial or a shopping guide for newcomers, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a live chat session during customer service hours which have been stated on the website. The website also features discount coupons for customers usually buying more.


Superprice is a good site to get reliable brands for cool, affordable prices and when someone in Accra orders a product, there are usually no shipping or delivery fees charged. They have a good customer service team and are a very timely and quick company. If an order is made early in the day, there are chances that it could be delivered on the same day.

There are chances to choose the particular brands you prefer and the prices are very competitive. Computing, Sports and Fitness, Beauty and Perfumes, Kitchen Appliances, Home Electricals, TV and Audio etc. are some of the categories of products available on Superprice to be purchased. They also offer great discounts on many products and these can help you save a lot of money.


Now, Jumia is the best known and currently arguably the biggest online shop in Ghana. This is because of their heavy presence on social media.

The store sells very wide array of products with the exception of books and cars amongst others. Jumia usually deliver the products either on or after 2 working days after ordering and they have a number to call for help if you are having difficulty navigating the website.

On the Google Play Store, Jumia has an app that can be downloaded and used for online purchases. There is a section named “deals of the day” where you see a number of products displayed that have some discounts and these are those that people tend to go for the most.

Jumia has developed so much that they offer customers the opportunity of ordering food from their favorite eatery. There is Jumia Prime, which affords the customer the opportunity to pay a flat rate for unlimited amount of deliveries. There is also Jumia Flights and Hotels that help you plan for trips to any destination. It is worth trying out the services of Jumia.


Melcom is a very popular retailer here in Ghana and a very successful one; in fact they are the largest chain of retail department stores. They have many branches in Ghana and they have proven themselves as a force to reckon with regards to retailing in Ghana.

Melcom is one of the newest online shopping sites in Ghana and they are already making great strides in that sector. They have good customer service on the site since they have the option for live chat to help solve any problem a customer might encounter.

They sell all sorts of home and office furniture, electronics and appliances, School essentials, Kitchenware and appliances, Smartphones and Computers, TV and Audio and many more. Due to the fact that they do a lot of promotions and discounts, it becomes a wise thing to actually check their portal once in a while to catch any cash saving deals.

Advantages of buying online

It all starts with a prospective customer wanting to buy something. Many shopping websites are built to showcase available items along with their prices – this allows for some window shopping experience as prospective buyers may check the price(s) of the desired product and plan their budget and finances accordingly.

Customers are never pressured to buy any product they might not want or need to buy on the spot….they are at liberty to look at the picture of the product and the price for as long as they want. One advantage of E-shopping is that you can compare the prices of the same goods with both online and offline shops before making a decision.

Once a decision is made to buy a product from a specific store, the buyer clicks on the particular product and clicks the “add to cart” button. The cart, just like a real cart in a shop makes it easier to buy and carry multiple products to the counter for payment. However, the digital cart does not get full as compared to its offline counterpart.

After checking the cart to make sure of the products and their quantities, the buyer then clicks on the “Buy Now” button to choose a purchase plan.

The options are usually varied; payment on delivery, payment before delivery amongst others (Visa, Paypal, Skrill, Mobile Money etc.). Whatever option is chosen leads to the purchase of the chosen item(s) and the website after receiving your order sends an email or calls to verify the purchase and in a few days the product will be delivered to your address.