Like it or not, televisions (TVs) have shaped many societies in many ways we might not even understand today. The top 5 TV stations in Ghana are known for their first-class advertisement, captivating entertainment, ceaseless news, resourceful education and beguiling sports programmes and discussions.

Top 5 TV stations in Ghana

Ever since it was invented, the role of televisions has gone ahead to become more and more influential. Critical announcements, advertisements, news, educational, recreational and entertainment are being doled out to the public through televisions. Sit tight as GreenViews walks you through the top 5 TV stations in Ghana.


Citi TV is one of the very rapidly growing TV stations in Ghana. The station started its operations on June 4th 2018 and has over time provided its audience with very good quality content. Citi TV is a subsidiary of Omni Media Limited – the parent company that operates Citi FM, Citi TV and The Globe Newspaper.

Citi TV combines great visuals with very good and engaging content with a unique presentation style that easily gets viewers hooked. Their flagship programmes have a lot of viewership due to their informative and educative contents.

Some of the popular ones are the Breakfast Daily – which usually features a live musical performance in addition to discussing the day’s news and getting the background to certain stories, Backpage – a satirical show and Point of View – a show that discusses serious issues of National relevance.

These and many others have made Citi TV a force to be reckoned with in the television media space in Ghana.


United television is a private free to air television broadcaster in Ghana. It was launched in 2013 by the Despite group of companies, headed by Kennedy Osei, who is the son of the business mogul.

UTV Ghana airs and produces a variety of television programmes including news bulletins, drama and a successful telenovelas, films and others all in the Akan language (Asante twi) exclusively. UTV is perceived by Ghanaians as a local television station in the country largely due to the keen interest to gratify the local market.

UTV has the audience share of (16.4%) among all TV channels in the country according to GeoPoll in 2017. UTV has an audience penetration reach of 76% nationwide.

Shows like the real news hosted by Akwasi Boadi alias Akrobeto a Ghanaian actor, comedian and TV presenter, is the most watched programme currently in Ghana. In October 2021, Akrobeto’s video from the studios of UTV was retweeted by the official twitter handle of the German Bundesliga side Borrussia Dortmund.

In the video, Akrobeto was doing his usual thing by giving some sports updates on his real news programme aired on TV. As he gave the update, it got to a point he mentioned Borrussia Dortmund in a hilarious way that got the attention of social media including Borrussia Dortmund.


TV3 is a Ghanaian free-to-air television network in Ghana. Launched in 1997 by Thai company BEC-TERO, TV3 airs and produces a variety of television programs including acclaimed news bulletins, dramas and successful reality television and entertainment shows. In 1999, it was sold to Media Prima, a Malaysian company, and then taken over by a Ghanaian company called Media General Ghana Limited in 2011.

TV3 Ghana established itself as the most watched free-to-air television station in Ghana, having achieved 65% nationwide penetration at end-2006 and aiming to reach 90% by 2008. TV3 is a privately owned TV in Ghana. TV3 remains popular for its showing of Mexican telenovelas, Korean series, music and a variety of local and foreign and ghanaian movies.

TV3 entertains and educates its viewers through all the programs aired. TV3 is also well known for successfully running various reality shows that gained massive patronage.


GTV stands for Ghana Television. It is the national public broadcaster of Ghana, run by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation which is State-owned. It commenced operation on July 31, 1965 and was originally known as GBC TV. Although its principal production studio is located in Ghana (Accra), it has many satellite stations that give it a nationwide reach and covers 98% of the airwaves in Ghana.

GTV currently broadcasts programmes from networks from regions such as Europe, US, UK, and Asia as well as Africa and their own productions here in Ghana. GTV has over the years played a very great role in training astute journalists all over Ghana.

There have been many documentaries done by the studios of GTV and they are the place to turn to for archives of old documentaries of Ghana – especially documentaries produced in the 1950s when Ghana was still a colony of the United Kingdom.

Although entertaining, most of the shows on GTV are educational. Being the State’s broadcaster, GTV easily accessed rights to show broadcasts of live international events like the Olympic Games, FIFA world cup, Miss Universe, Miss World and many others.


GH One TV is a TV channel whose content includes lifestyle, music, fashion, series, children’s programs, comedy, and tourism. It is now owned by Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Networks – their parent company, which has broadcaster Bola Ray, as its CEO.

Before EIB Networks acquired the station, it was formerly owned and managed by Charter House Productions. According to a survey conducted by Geopoll, GH One is the 5th most watched TV station in Ghana. Nana Aba Anamoah is the current General Manager of the station

GH One has the seventh highest audience share with 6.5% among all TV channels in the country. Its penetration according to GeoPoll, a mobile survey platform (2017) is 72% nationwide, which is the seventh highest in the list of TV stations. Their viewership has a lot of young people since their content featured more about entertainment, public affairs and tourism.

They usually focus on issues affecting the youth and that has endeared them to the hearts of Ghanaian youth. They have held several social responsibility projects and have won some industry awards.

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