Having a pet is rewarding in many aspects. It’s proven that owning and taking care of a pet can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and improve your physical and your cardiovascular health. If you live in Accra and you’re a happy owner of a pet, you’ll probably already know where to find the best pet shops in Ghana, but you’ll also be happy to know that the variety of veterinary clinics in Accra is very extensive and varied.

Below is a list of some of the highly recommended veterinary services in Accra and Ghana, their location, and the services they offer.

Veterinary clinics in Accra

This is a comprehensive list of the best veterinary clinics in Accra and other options outside the city. You can locate them in the map included below.


Marivet is a veterinary clinic located at the Airport Residential Area, very close to our real estate property of Greenviews. As close as 3 minutes away (you could even walk there!). They offer general veterinary care involving clinical, surgical, and preventive measures in small animals (pets such as dogs, cats, monkeys, etc), large animals (such as horses, cattle, small ruminants and pigs) and avian (poultry).

As part of their clinic, Marivet also offers a pet pharmacy which stocks and dispenses a variety of veterinary medicines and vaccines for your pets. Telephone number: 030 293 0425

Lemla Veterinary

Lemla is a well-resourced, one stop veterinary clinic in Accra located around Airport Residential Area-Old Chinese Embassy Road. They live by the motto: “Your Pet; Our Passion”.

They offer a wide range of bespoke services, such as preventive and wellness care, surgery, dental care, an in house pharmacy, an in house Laboratory, Pet boarding, bathing/grooming and Pet shop stocked with a variety of pet food, treats and accessories tailored to meet your needs. They maintain a relationship with specialists in the area when advanced care is needed. Telephone number: 030 397 2884.

Animalito Veterinary Centre

Animalito is a veterinary center with well trained and professional doctors that caters for dogs, cats and other animals.

Services at Animalito include vet consultation and general clinical services (vaccines, deworming, and more). They can also support pet travel (microchipping and pet passports). Telephone number: 020 818 1751 / 030 224 1296

The Vet’s Place

The Vet’s Place provides veterinary care for dogs, cats, and other animals (call their telephone number: 030 3972 668 / 055 3809 912 to check for your type of pet). Apart from offering clinic services (vaccination, deworming, surgical & dental services and vet consultations) they also have an emergency service.

Over the past few years, this service has been extended to include home-calls and services. They also offer expert advice 24/7. If you are planning to travel with your pet, they also have microchipping and pet passport services.

LA Veterinary Hospital

LA Veterinary hospital is located in Dansoman and offers services for clinic, surgeries and vaccination. Telephone number: 059 467 0176 / 026 618 5512 / 027 751 6188

Mishvet Veterinary Services

Mishvet Veterinary Services is a home call only service. You do not need to move yourself or your pet anywhere as treatment is carried out in the comfort of your home.

They can perform a variety of services including medical consultation and treatment, vaccination, clinical exams and even surgery when necessary. Telephone number: 020 607 1917

The Ark Veterinary

The Ark Veterinary is a vet clinic located in Tema. They offer clinic services, general surgery as well as grooming. Telephone number: 020 222 4427

Koney’s Veterinary Hospital

Koney’s Veterinary Hospital provides a full range of general, surgical and specialized care for dogs, cats, birds and other animals. If you want your pet to be checked in the comfort of your home, they also have home service available.

Expect to also find an on-site pharmacy, urgent care service where they can refer you to a 24h emergency hospital and last but not least, a boarding facility in case you need to travel and have no one to leave your pet with. Telephone number: 0500055235 / 0241280935.

Dr Sackey Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Sackey is a highly recommended pet doctor in Accra. He tends to be available 7 days of the week and even on holiday days as well. Unlike pet clinics that have set timing and day opening, Dr. Sackey can be a more flexible option (especially in case of emergency).

He offers services for clinical interventions, general surgery and grooming. Telephone number: 055 204 6928

Recommended clinics outside of Accra

Kumasi Veterinary Clinic

The Kumasi Veterinary Clinic offers general clinical services as well as a pharmacy.

Takoradi Veterinary Services Department

This vet service in Takoradi, is a more simple clinic which only offers clinical services but useful to be informed about it if you are in or around Takoradi with your pet.

Location of Veterinary clinics in Ghana

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