Ghana is blessed with some of the most unique historical sites, beautiful sceneries, and landscapes, perfect for those seeking to find that recreational, creative spark and the freedom to explore the many wonders the country has to offer.

Our tenants at the prestigious GreenViews Apartments  are already enjoying these tourist sites in Ghana. Are you? Take a look at the Top 5 places to visit in Ghana in 2021.

Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary

Located in the Ashanti region of Ghana, the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places to be in West Africa. Created in 1931, the reserve has an area of 54.65km2.

The reserve’s security and lodging accommodations are also top-notch to allow visitors the freedom to fully explore the length of the sanctuary without any fears.

Trust us when we say the myriad number of butterflies and trees on display, coupled with the serenity of the reserve will make you want to stay beyond initial plans.

Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary features over 400 species of butterflies

The Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary is a one-of-a-kind place in West Africa. It boasts more than 400 species of butterflies. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, its arboretum of trees gives the place a lively and serene atmosphere. There are lots of fun activities like forest hiking and sightseeing to keep you occupied and invested in the trip.

Bonwire Kente Weaving Village

Kente has been officially declared Ghana’s national cloth. Image Credit: GhanaTravel Blog

Have you ever wondered what you could get as a gift for a loved one back home?  Well, we have the perfect response that might interest you. The answer: Kente!

West Africa is the home to a myriad of colorful clothing, but nothing screams more about authenticity and traditional African culture than owning a pair of Kente cloths.

The Bonwire village is located 18km on the Kumasi Mampong road. It is famous for the weaving of the famous Kente cloth.  Often described as the clothing of royalty and the prominent alike, the kente has deep roots in African history dating back as far as 300 AD and 1600 AD

The legend of the Bonwire village

Legend has it that a man named Ota Karaban and his friend, Kweku, from the aforementioned village called Bonwire, had their weaving lessons from a spider that was weaving its web. 

They replicated the spider’s weaving using raffia palms weaving a beautiful raffia fabric. The Chief, Nana Bobbie who was impressed and captivated by the beauty of their work, relayed the information to the Paramount chief who in turn adopted it as national cloth for the Ashanti Empire. 

Symbolism of Ghana’s national cloth

Image Credit: GhanaTravel Blog

The people of Bonwire are friendly folk whose main profession is the weaving of colorful kente cloths through the use of looms. 

The Kente cloth has various symbolic meanings ranging from moral values, oral literature, philosophical concepts, human behavior, individual achievements, animal life, and proverbs to a social code of conduct. 

These weavers pay attention to detail to produce something beautiful and exquisite. Some designs used even have backstories to explain the hidden meanings behind them. It is important to note that since 1957 Kente has been officially declared Ghana’s national cloth.

If you ever have the chance to visit the village, know that you are in for a treat because not only do you observe the looms at work, you can even have a go at it yourself under the tutoring of the weavers themselves. Isn’t it exciting?

Nzulezu Stilt Village

There are lots of vacation places in Ghana and Nzulezu stilt village is among its top sites. This mind-blowing location continues to reel in tourists by the numbers year after year. Nzulezu is located near the village Beyin, 90 kilometers west of Takoradi in the Western part of Ghana. 

The village, whose name roughly translates to “surface of the water”, is a 7-hour drive from Accra is the perfect getaway after a hectic work schedule or the daily stress of life. Trust us when we say the 7-hour drive is worth the experience. 

The origin of this fascinating 400-year-old village is tied to legends. As the story goes, the spirit protecting the village, fed up with the people’s pleas for help from enemies, decided to lead them to a new settlement – a place of safety and comfort. 

The people built the village on stilts and platforms overlooking the lake Tadane and proceeded to make fishing and farming their main occupations.

Today, Nzulezu has been nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Aside from visiting the village, there is a canoe ride through the Amasuri wetlands and the largest inland swamp forest in Ghana. 

Other sites within the region include the colonial-era fort Apollonia and the Ankasa Nature reserve which is a rich rainforest that records the highest rainfall in Ghana

Gallery 1957

The daily stress of life can leave you feeling the need to take a break from your hectic schedule. If you enjoy art, then the Gallery 1957 is the place for you.  The Gallery 1957 hosts some of Africa’s best contemporary art you can find. It was launched in Accra by Marwan Zakhem on Ghana’s Independence Day, 2016. 

Presenting a programme of exhibitions, installations, and performances by the region’s most significant artists, Gallery 1957 bridges the gap between local and international audiences.

The Gallery boasts of artistic pieces from some of Ghana and Africa’s leading young artists which include the likes of Kwesi Botchway, Amoako Boafo amongst others. 

The Gallery is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 11 am to 7 pm. It’s located at the Kempinski hotel.

Experience African tales told through the eyes of intelligent black artists and if that isn’t enough, you can also have a shopping experience at The Galleria Mall, located opposite the hotel.

Lake Volta

Based on its surface area, Lake Volta holds the title of the largest artificial reservoir in the world. This amazing site is contained just behind the famous Akosombo electric dam in Ghana, of which construction started in 1961 and was completed in 1965. The lake has a surface area of 8502 square kilometers, a spectacular sight to witness.

Tourists looking to explore the lake will be happy to note that besides the main islands within the lake like Dodi, Dwarf, and Kpove, The Digya National Park also lies on part of the lake’s west shore. 

Anyone looking forward to enjoying scenic environments and boat rides can visit Lake Volta to enjoy an unforgettable day and amazing accommodation options, like Bridge View Resort, a top resort located at the feet of Lake Volta, featuring a three tiers infinity pool considered one of the best swimming pools with views in Ghana.

Tenants at our exclusive community at Green Views Apartments have already experienced these places to visit in Ghana. What are you waiting for?

Featured image credit: GhanaTravel Blog