There are a lot of facilities in Green Views designed to bring unending comfort to tenants.

There is a pool, a garden, a gym and roof terrace for hosting recreational activities. There are also large balconies in all the rooms where tenants can relax and enjoy fresh air or a warm conversation with visitors. Besides all these, there are additional two facilities that stand out. These are the constant supply of power and water—basic essentials of life.

Even though the two apartments are both connected to the national grid, a standby generator and two boreholes have been provided to supply constant flow of electricity and water respectively. So even when the power from the national grid is disconnected or water from the Ghana Water Company cuts for whatever reason, Green Views is always ready to satisfy our tenants.

Green Views Apartments - Pool Area

Green Views Apartments – Pool Area

Project Manager, Xavier Perez, sheds some light on the two facilities. “We have a backup generator which starts automatically once the light goes off. We have two boreholes with reverse osmosis treatment, so in case there is shortage of water we have our own source of water so we don’t leave our tenants without water and electricity,” he said. Tenants should therefore be confident that management of Green Views will always put their interest first and provide them with all the needed comfort to make their stay comfortable.