Refreshment! Everyone loves to refresh himself or herself, especially on a very stressful day or some kind of hot afternoon. Yes, management of Green Views knows this and that is why among all the numerous luxury facilities it provided for tenants, it didn’t forget to add a luxurious swimming pool.

All tenants and visitors will admit that, once you enter the premises of Green Views, you can’t hold it but admire the swimming pool located at the center of the two-block apartment. The neat blue water is ever endearing and always inviting.

The pool is in-built with all modern facilities that enhances safety. There are three water levels—four, five, and six foot—making it possible for kids and adults to swim.

There is also a pool guard available who is there to assist those who do not know how to swim. The pool is also regularly cleaned, maintained and disinfected to make it hygienic for everyday use.

Green Views Apartments - Pool Area

Green Views Apartments – Pool Area

As if that is all, there is another thing about our pool that makes it superb—the materials for construction.

Richard Acheampong, Director of Richards Pool, the company that constructed our pool explains: “The materials for construction are of the highest quality. They are made of premix waterproof concrete purchased from a recognized construction company.”

With all these features of our swimming pool, what else can be more relaxing and fun than diving into it on a stressful day or hot afternoon!