Food delivery services are becoming very popular in Accra, with more options and faster delivery times. Your favorite restaurants will take your favorite food home, just a click or a phonecall away.

Jumia, most popular food delivery service in Accra

Jumia, is the most popular food delivery services in Accra. You can pick your menu from several Accra restaurants available in their website or mobile App. Jumia operates worldwide, and no matter some complaints about the time to deliver food, they are improving.

Some of the best Accra restaurants work with Jumia, others prefer to use their own delivery service like Marwako, Pappa’s Pizza, Noble House and Chicken Express, to name a few.

What can you order with Jumia?

  • Order lunch, fuel for meetings or late-night deliveries. Or just a snack or a pizza, while enjoying the wonderful pool and Green Views garden.
  • Supermarket essentials or fresh groceries.
  • Pharmacy items, such as medicine or for personal care.

Enjoy especial discounts

Take advantage of the great discounts on Fast Food deals (up to 50% or more) and up to 20% or more on all meals. Just select your delivery location. Then, choose the product or goods you want and have it delivered!

Just choose the best that fits your needs and they will bring everything, the food, the drinks and the service and they can use the awesome barbecue facilities at Green Views.

Excellent catering options in Accra

If you’re looking for the best catering services in Accra, you’ll find the best here. If you’re hosting a dinner party or special occasion in one of our fabulous luxury apartments in Accra or you simply want to take a break from cooking, feel free to order your favorite meal and have it delivered home.

Green Views is the perfect location if you want to order food. Waiting time is minimal and the central position in the new airport residential area makes it pleasant to choose and order food to some of the companies who provide that service in Accra.