Sometimes we take for granted the city we live in. We always look for a weekend escape or getaway. This is completely normal as Accra can tend to get a little chaotic after a while. However, it also has some wonderful spots to hang out in and places to visit which we want to share with you in this article. Let’s see what to do in Accra for 48h!

How to spend 48 hours in Accra. Best activities & things to do

Day 1 in Accra

Breakfast at Kimberry´s Cafe in Osu or James Town Coffee Roasters

Start your day by having breakfast at Kimberry´s Cafe & Bakery located in Osu. This small but cosy cafe offers a selection of bakery, gourmet cakes, sandwiches, hot food (including some local dishes), and of course coffee/tea and other drinks.

Another good option to start your morning is James Town Coffee Roasters, a very cool hangout place with delicious breakfast options and they roast their own coffee!

Jamestown Coffee Roasters

Jamestown Coffee Roasters

We also invite you to check our article “Five coffee shops in Accra with good Wifi” for more information on James Town Coffee and other breakfast options.

Stroll along Oxford St.

Oxford street as you may know, is one of the most touristic places of Accra. Named like the famous Oxford Street in London, you will experience a good dose of energy of Accra life.

As you walk along you will see a lot of stalls selling African handmade crafts, objects, African print clothes, etc It is never a dull moment around these stalls because the vendors will always find a way to have a chat with you and crack out a smile.

You can also go batik shopping. We recommend in particular two shops. One of the shops is owned by a lady called Aunty Esther. You can find her shop on Google Maps if you write “Exmac Fabrics” located on 10th Street Accra just close by Acrilex store. She has become quite popular amongst the expat community. Esther has a vast array of batik fabric designs at a reasonable price. If you are interested in a Batik workshop (learning how to make Batik) you can also ask her as she offers Batik workshops.

batik fabriks

batik fabriks

Our other batik shop recommendation is Mercy Asi Ocansey Batik located on 10 Doctor Esther Ocloo Street, Osu. This is more of a modern shop setting but also with a great selection of batik fabrics and clothes. Then of course you can also visit the famous Woodin which is also around the area for African wax prints.

Visit the Osu Castle & have a walk on Osu beach

Osu Castle

Osu Castle

The Christianborg Castle, or simply Osu Castle, was built by the Danish in the 1660s and still holds a rich layer of history around slave trade. Later it became the seat of government and today it serves as the office of Ghana’s president. You can visit the castle with a guided tour.

As it is located just by the beach you can then also have a walk on the shore towards the Black Star Square where the independence square is located. You can kindly ask the guard at the square to take you up to the star, you will find some nice views of the city.

Lunch at Osekan Beach Resort

Grab some food from any street vendor and head over to Osekan Beach Resort which has some amazing views over the ocean. You can sit on the rocks or sit over at their bar area, grab a drink and enjoy the sea breeze while you relax and get some energy for your evening plans.

Osekan beach resort

Osekan beach resort

Jamestown lighthouse and street art

By simply walking and getting lost in Jamestown, you will get to experience the real rawness of the Ga community of Accra. The Ga are are one of the ethnic groups in Ghana, predominantly living in Accra close to the ocean.

Jamestown boasts with some amazing street artwork, one of the best in the whole city. It has that vibe of eclectic, hipster, raw & traditional at the same time, a unique kind of mix.

And of course the unmissable Jamestown lighthouse which is visible from almost any point. If you are lucky you may find someone who can open the lighthouse door and take you upstairs for a different view experience of the city. And near the lighthouse you will find the oldest photo gallery in Ghana: the Deo Gratias Studio.

A taste of Mexico at La Borracha restaurant

Finalise your day with a Mexican dinner at La Borracha restaurant in Labone. Margarita in hand and cheers to an amazing 24h in Accra!

La Borracha

Day 2 in Accra

Breakfast at Theia House

We start our second day with a breakfast nearby Green Views Apartments. They have a great breakfast choice as well as open air space that feels like a small oasis in the middle of the city. For more information you can check our article about Theia House here.

Explore local arts & crafts

From breakfast we will head to Accra Arts Center which will give you the opportunity to learn more about different local ancestral techniques and natural materiales used in the production of many traditional objects, art pieces, etc. It will also be a great opportunity to mingle with local artisans. For more detailed information check our article about the Accra Arts Center.

Accra Arts Centre

Accra Arts Centre

Relax the rest of the day by Labadi Beach Hotel pool

Sundays also deserve some relaxation time before we start a new week again. This is why we feel Labadi Beach Hotel can be the perfect place for that. It has two different pools (one which has more depth than the other), and access to their beach. We recommend you grab a good book, some music and have a coconut whilst you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and catch the sunset on their beach if you are lucky.



If you still have some energy left, we would recommend a drink at SkyBar to finalise your 48h in style 🙂