Fashion applies to our way of everyday dressing, but that simple fact represents an entire statement. What we wear defines who we are, our choices, tastes and even political stands. In other words, it reflects the culture and lifestyle of a country. Fashion in Ghana is continually influenced by popular culture which is usually shaped by celebrities which includes musicians, actors, social media influencers among others.

There are quite a number of fashion events that are usually held in Ghana which seek to expose the general public to new fashion ideas and concepts. Let’s take a look at the most lucrative fashion events in Ghana.

Fashion in Ghana

Many people form their opinions on initial impressions and the sense of fashion is one of the things that is used in building up those first impressions. Fashion is something we deal with every day.

Even people who say they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day. One certain thing in the fashion world is change. We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television.

There is the local and indigenous fashion that some people adore and cherish – a relic and memorabilia of past indigenous fashion trends. It is very noteworthy that fashion is constantly evolving and it coevolves with music, dance and even architectural trends.

Fashion in Ghana varies slightly from region to region and this is mainly due to cultural as well as the function and aesthetics of whatever people are wearing. We also copy fashion ideas and also add a bit of creative touches to make it our own. Hence, fashion ideas spread all over the world, oftentimes as a fad which goes in and out of style.

Marketing is a powerful tool employed by many fashion companies to create fads which actually sell their products. Some of such avenues to market fashion are through runway events and exhibitions.

Top lucrative Fashion events in Ghana

Glitz Africa Fashion Week

Ghanaian fashion icon and entrepreneur, Claudia Lumor owns a conglomerate of companies which includes the Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Ghana’s biggest fashion event.

The Glitz Africa Fashion Week provides the platform for Africa’s Fashion industry to showcase its talents, network, celebrate each other and expose them to unexplored markets. GLITZ gives opportunities to a list of top designers of African origin from Ghana, United Kingdom, United States of America and the entire African continent to showcase at 1 venue with 10 fashion shows in 3 days, 40 international models, Seminars/Exhibition and International press.

The Glitz Arica Week usually starts with the Free Street – a runway show to showcase casual street fashion brands by budding designers. Free Street usually takes place at Garage in East Legon, Accra. Afterwards there is the Business of fashion Seminar which features influencers and fashion experts who come and give talks based on their expertise.

In fact, the Glitz Africa Week is one of the fashion events to attend when you are in Accra and also into the Fashion business or as an enthusiast.

Accra Fashion Week

Fashion in Ghana

The Accra Fashion Week is one of the premium clothing trade events that occurs in Accra. This event creates the opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to meet and interact with some African fashionistas.

Usually, the Accra Fashion Week is held in the festive season of December when there is fun and excitement in the air. With great tourism ratings, AFW is an amazing opportunity for those looking to expand their relationships with African fashion. Accra Fashion Week also welcomes a number foreign designers seeking to expand into Africa.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Accra formally known as Mercedes-Benz African Fashion Festival serves as a global voice of fashion, Mercedes Benz fashion week celebration of fashion is a catalyst for designers both home and abroad to seamlessly connect with the media and fashion buyers, influencers and enthusiasts.

The event is produced by Global Ovations, in collaboration with French Fashion Federations, organizers for Paris Fashion Week. Organizers of Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival seek to make the African Fashion Festival brand a leading global trade event and milestone for the international fashion community.

Recognizing the immense talent rising from all corners of Africa, they strive to provide new opportunities for the global fashion industry, leading and upcoming fashion designers. Mercedes Benz events start with fashion seminars, which usually lasts for 2 hours and is usually graced with the presence and speeches of industry heavyweights.

After which there will be more seminars and exhibitions. The event has partnered with the Fashion Hub Ghana, an initiative with plans to produce an ultra-modern fashion factory in Ghana.

Kumasi Fashion Week

One of Ghana’s clothing trade shows, the annual Kumasi Fashion Week, opened its doors both locally and internationally, The Kumasi Fashion Week brand emerged and rebranded from its original title KNUST Fashion Week. The event works to accentuate cultural elements with the aim to play a major in contemporary fashion.

Kumasi Fashion Week is gradually finding its feet on the ground. Nonetheless, the organizers are doing extremely well in terms of branding and, it can be concluded that they are using their platform to promote new entrants with great talents who can’t make it on big stages.

Rhythms on Da Runway

Fashion in Ghana

This is another Fashion event in Ghana that is cranking up the performances and annual attendance. This is also an event organized for designers in Accra to showcase their work as well as to connect with potential investors, market partners, clients and customers.

Every year, specific themes are chosen and designers show how creatively they can reflect the theme in their work. Patrons are also treated to music from different acts which tends to spice up the program. With this event usually being held in the first week of December, 2022 will mark the 10th edition.

The organizers also take the opportunity to recognize the efforts and contributions of major players for their work in growing the creative arts.

For the fashion enthusiast, these events are gold because of the opportunities and levels of potential engagements that it presents. Make sure to attend at least one of these events to harness the power of networking to improve the amount of business opportunities you are exposed to.

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