Yes, we all know Green Views apartment is one of the best we have in the country. It is praised by everybody as having a beautiful structure. But what makes it so awe-inspiring? Our architects from Bertran-Mertens Architects in Barcelona, Spain, have the answer.

The architects of Green Views, Elsa Bertran and Gregor Mertens, have over 20 years experience in housing design. It is this many years of experience that they transferred to building Green Views—their first ever design in Africa.

Commenting on the design, the duo said the apartment was built in a way that would provide comfort for tenants no matter the season the country is experiencing—be it rainy or sunny.

“It was very important to visit the site before we came to build. The position of the sun gave us an idea what to design. We saw that here in Ghana, the sun comes from one side in the winter and another side in the summer. So we designed a building that tenants will feel comfortable living in at any time of the year, regardless of the season.”

The two apartment blocks have facilities made for the comfort and entertainment of tenants. There is a swimming pool, garden, and large balconies that will give tenants a broader view to enjoy the peaceful and calm ambience.

Living area | Green Views

Living area | Green Views

The architects further stated that they constructed the building in an eco-friendly manner. Trees on the site were preserved. For example, the architects preserved a mango and palm trees that were on the site before construction began.

Another important feature of the apartments is the spaces in the rooms. “The spaces are not too big and not small; they are just the right sizes. The windows allow for enough light to enter the rooms. So, we tried to blend the European design with the African touch to also give it a local appeal. In all these, we seek to satisfy our European and African clients as well.”

So, come and grab a room at Green Views and experience a design tailored to your comfort.