Do you find yourself with a little more time on your hands and are looking to do something valuable and fulfilling? Collaborating or volunteering with an Ghana NGO could be a great option to do just that.

Throughout the whole country, you will find thousands of Ghana NGOs, from construction, to childcare, sustainability, teaching and more. It is important you do your research properly about the people behind the NGO, the type of work and specially where and what they invest their money in.

Here’s some of the most important Ghana NGOs you can volunteer with and carry out interesting and useful activities.

Ghana NGOs

To make things a little simpler for you, we have come up with a list of a few Ghana NGOs that we consider to be transparent and honest with their work – apart from Chance For Children or NASCO Feeding Minds of course, which we have already spoken about.

MentorHer Ghana

MentorHer Ghana is an NGO that aims to guide and prepare young Ghanaian girls into becoming global citizens. By training them with certain skills, giving them resources and providing them with creative thinking tactics, they are prepared to take on more opportunities for their future development.

They also believe that the people native to the land should be able to control their own narratives while being an active part of its progress.

MentorHer Ghana currently has four different programs that you could also be part of:

Digital mentorship program

This is an online global community devoted to connecting, educating, and empowering girls by helping them build the confidence and skills to acquire dynamic careers and be leaders of tomorrow They do this by matching each girl with skilled professionals and sincere advisors for one on one sessions to fulfill the 3 Cs of mentorship: Consultant, Counselor, and Cheerleader.

Sister Sessions

These are workshop-like-format sessions where things like multimedia stimulus materials such as visual stories, short films, dramatic role-play, thought experiments, inventions, drawings, games and vision boards, are used in order to create a space of education and interaction. One of the main goals of these sessions is to leave the girls with the ability to discover their truest selves.

She Code By Ela

In collaboration with The Emerging Ladies Academy, they provide girls with tech education. Young ladies will be taught programming, software development and app building skills with live experience workshops, classes, and educational outings.

Youth Entrepreneurship Program

This program teaches the girls theoretical and practical business skills, and how to develop marketing strategies. A 3-month training program will result in a final pitch competition. The winner of the competition will be granted seed funding, resources, and 1-year business mentorship to support the launch of their winning start-up.

Participate by making a donation towards the Youth Entrepreneurship Program or being a mentor at the digital mentorship program.

Plastic Punch

Plastic Punch is a non profit organization in Ghana founded with the mission to raise awareness about the dangers of plastic for the environment, wildlife and humans, and to provide innovative and sustainable waste management solutions.

They are currently running projects in Ghana, with the aim of duplicating their mission to other countries once the business model is fully functional.

This Ghana NGO lives by the idea that with less plastics there will be better lives and that plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest so we should aim to #refuse #reduce #recycle.

You can join the movement by participating in a few beach clean ups that they tend to organize around Accra or simply contact them directly (specially if you have a certain expertise you can contribute with), have a chat and see how you could collaborate with them! They are also open to donations.


“Everybody smiles in the same language”, hence the name Nukoko which means smile in Ewe, Aklobotonu’s language. This is a sustainable development project in the rural village of Aklobotonu in the Volta Region in Ghana.

Their mission is to listen to the local community and set goals in line with the 2030 agenda, whilst the vision is to look for the why of all complex problems and to go out of our comfort zone to discover resources present in the community.
With this mission and vision in mind, they have a variety of projects that are helping to accomplish their intentions:

Sewing workshop

In 2019 they managed to raise some funds and open a sewing workshop. Gladys and Gifty are the two main teachers who make products using the beautiful Kente fabric.

Grace Academy

Together they have managed to build a school that facilitates access to the most isolated families. In addition to the school, a library at the school which gives access to books and with this the possibility to learn how to read.

Solar Panels

They managed to install the first solar panels that provide light to the local school and power for the sewing machines, as well as the charging of mobile phones.


Students are given the school scholarship at the beginning of the course and will allow them to pay for tuition, residence and all school supplies. The scholarship is renewed every year if they pass the course and have to volunteer a few hours at Grace Academy or Seweave during the holidays as part of the contract.

If you want to be part of any of their projects or make a donation, visit their website for further information and contact details.

Future For Africa

Future for Africa (F4A) is working at local levels to create a future of hope for children in economically poor areas of northern Ghana. In the past 3 years they have been able to recruit over 100 volunteers and interns who have supported directly in their projects in areas of education and health care.

Currently they have five main areas they work in:


Within education they want to ensure that every Ghanaian or African child living anywhere has access to basic teaching and learning materials to enhance studies. To achieve this they offer the “sponsor a child” program as well as Book 4 change.

The Books for Change (BFC) project seeks to achieve a change in the reading habits of children and a successful completion of basic education for advantaged children in Northern Ghana.


Free medical screening, free medical consultation, public health education, counseling, free supply of drugs and other free complimentary supplies (such as toiletries, toys for children etc).

Water and Sanitation

Providing rural communities with access to water. Already, five of such communities have benefited from this programme. Additionally, their plastic campaign which aims at educating children to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Skill Development

They run a women empowerment project called Malgu Baobab, which trains local women in Baobab processing, the uses and the marketing of the product.

The main purpose of this project is to provide income for women from the Yinduri Community of Bolgatanga during the dry season where they are not able to farm to support the education of their children.

O Africa

OAfrica empowers children and young adults in need of care and protection because of institutionalization, abandonment, neglect, disability or abuse to become productive members of the community.

They have programs which support separated children by building strong families to eliminate child abandonment and create safe, stable and loving families and communities. To accomplish this, they implement the following programs:

Family support services

Specially trained social workers locate families to assess whether or not the child can be reunited within them, and then an individualized care plan is developed to ensure the child receives the necessary care and support to be healthy and happy within their own home.

Young Adult Support Services

Financial support to cover school fees and school needs, health and psychological support, transport and housing support, career counseling and placement, and life skills training.

Foster Family Care

Children are placed in foster care with a specially trained foster mother who provides for their daily physical needs.

Care Reform

The initiative seeks to reduce over-reliance on care systems for the 4,500 vulnerable children who are currently living in institutions and move towards a range of integrated family- and community-based childcare services.

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