Journalists have a very important role in society. From updating the general public as to what is happening in town, as well as keeping governments on their toes, they also become agents of change in people’s lives. Many journalists tick the boxes of the roles described, but there’s one person in Ghana that goes beyond that and that is none other than Kwami Sefa Kayi.

Who is Kwami Sefa Kayi, Ghana’s “Chairman General”

Kwami Sefa Kayi, affectionately known as “Chairman General” by the Ghanaian people, is a multi-award-winning ace broadcast journalist and Ghana media personality and mogul. He was born on 20th June 1970, to a radio broadcasting mother and a military father.

People who excel in whatever endeavor they end up choosing to pursue mostly do attribute it to hard work and discipline, and Kwami’s case was no different. He’s one of the biggest names and personalities in Ghana.

Early life and education

Kwami, the last of 3 children, received his formal education at the Okuapeman secondary school at Akropong (Eastern Region). He had his sixth form education at the workers college in Accra; from there, he went to the Northern Region for his National Service.

Upon graduating from school, Kwami sought to fulfill his lifelong dream of emulating his late father by enlisting in the army. He had grown up in a military establishment and thinks that might have had an influence on him. Kwami’s mother was not in support of his vision. This was because she had noticed Kwami’s gift for writing and his knack for speech and had advised him to pursue a career as a writer or radio broadcaster like herself.

Even though Kwami did not show much enthusiasm for that line of work then, she bolstered on. Using all kinds of tricks and words to get Kwami to give attention to his talents.

Younger years, theatre and TV work

Through a man who used to work with his mother, Kwami Sefa later joined a theatre group at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) where he took up writing, stage play and acting duties. His first acting gig would come in a “recurring role” where he starred in “Ultimate Paradise”, which was the biggest television series at the time.

The success of the series as well as the attention and fame he began to have spurred him on. Kwami followed this up by learning his radio broadcasting trade as an understudy, follow back and production assistant at the GBC radio. He enrolled in the Ghana Institute of Journalism where he earned a certificate in Public Relations, Advertisement and Marketing. It was at GBC that he really learned the nuances of being a radio Broadcaster.

Radio debut

Kwami’s first “big break” in radio broadcasting came with Radio Gold in 1996 where he made his debut. He later joined Peace FM and Despite Media when the station needed a host for its morning show; which was politically and socially centered. Kwami landed the role after displaying his capabilities.

Kwami led the show to become the most sought-after radio morning show for its ability to educate Ghanaians on political and social happenings within the country. The morning show titled “Kokrokoo” (which is a local onomatopoeia of a rooster’s crowing) has won many critic awards as the Best morning show.

Kwami receiving an award in recognition of his works as a journalist.

Awards and accolades

Kwami Sefa Kayi was awarded the Personality of the decade (2010-2020) as well as the radio and TV Personality Awards for a record 3 Consecutive times (2013, 2014 and 2015) at the RTP Awards (Radio and TV Personality Awards).

Besides Radio Broadcasting Kwami is a top tier MC who has hosted programs and shows which include the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA’s) – The most prestigious music awards program in Ghana – which he has hosted since its inauguration until 2007. He was later invited to co-host the 2019 edition. Currently, Kwami Sefa Kayi also serves as a board member of the National Petroleum Authority a role he was sworn in on August 6, 2021.

Activism and charity work

Kwami Sefa Kayi who himself is a social activist, set up the “Kokrokoo charities foundation; a social intervention initiative to identify and address critical social needs in Ghana and help resolve them. The foundation’s objectives also include increasing healthcare access for all through targeted interventions.

In April 2019, the foundation led by Kwami donated incubators worth $100,000 to help curb the mortality rate of children born preterm. This came after the discovery that “Every year 140,000 (14%) children are born premature in Ghana and over 8,000 of these children die before 30 days.

This worrying and alarming statistics prompted the foundation to embark on (Project 100) which is aimed at raising funds to purchase a total of 100 incubators for health facilities that lack these equipments to save lives. In hindsight, the foundation strives to offer mothers hope and keep new born babies alive.

Kwami Sefa Kayi’s work in the media industry and stance as social activist has not only inspired the youth to strive for excellence, but to help make collective contributions be it through social reforms or philanthropic works. He keeps mentoring many other young people who want to get into media practice and journalism and giving them the much-needed nudge to help them achieve their dreams. Kwami’s dedication and discipline he attaches to everything he sets his mind to do earned him the title ‘Chairman General’.

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