Green Views is in the business of thrilling its clients. One of the main facilities we provide our tenants is a simple but ultramodern gym to satisfy their fitness needs. It is not the largest gym in Accra (as you might be aware), but it’s one of those facilities that will add to the quality of life of our tenants.

A great gym in Accra, next to your doorstep!

Located right next to Green View’s swimming pool, our gym might not be equipped with a lot equipment to crowd the room.

Rather, the equipment in our gym are carefully selected to satisfy the fitness needs of our tenants. The Director of Pippas, Yaw Mograbi, the distributors of Life Fitness brands in West Africa, who is also the suppliers of our gym equipment, explains the concept behind it.

“First, we had to look at the space and the kind of people who will be using the facility. Because the space was not a huge one, it was essential to make sure that the units were robust enough to take the heavy loads.

Usually you can spread loads across different units. In order to maximise the space, we decided to choose a multifunctional gym unit that will enable everyone to a complete total body workout in a smaller space. So, we employed a treadmill, a cardio and a bike,” he said.

Just imagine how easy it is to keep fit if you have all this equiment right by your doorstep. It’s definitely something to look forward at the start, middle or ending of your day.

Fitness in Ghana, a growing trend

View of the swimming pool from the gym

Staying fit is a growing trend in Ghana, so you can combine a workout at Green Views’ gym, and train a couple of alternate days at any of the state-of-the-art fitness centers in Accra. The swimming pool is also great to stretch your back, do some cardio and build muscle at the same time.

Mr. Mograbi explained that his choice of equipment was motivated by the preference of Green Views, which always ensure that all facilities available in its apartment are of the highest quality.

“Green Views made it clear it wants the highest quality equipment for the gym, it didn’t want the lowest spec. So, we selected the Club Series, which is pretty much a commercial machine. So at least every client will get one machine that will make him or her happy,” he said.

Now that you know the story behind our ultramodern gym, enjoy it to the fullest. Check out the facilities at our Accra luxury apartments and discover one of the best estate developers in Ghana.