In the heart of Accra – the south western part, there exists a mine for ‘white gold’. “White gold”?

You may wonder what that is; to be as important as gold. Salt! This whitish substance refined or not is a very essential commodity which is always in demand for various purposes.

The most common use of salt is for cooking; can you imagine your favorite meal not containing salt? You may cringe at the imagination of its blandness. However, salt does much more than giving taste to your favorite meal. It serves as a preservative, treating wounds, removing bad odors and scents and also set colour in the textile industry, to remove toxins and as a dental remedy among others.

Pambros Location

Pambros Salt Production Limited is situated close to Weija opposite the McCarthy Hill and stretches southwards to the Atlantic Ocean and contains the river Densu’s deltas. It begins right from the area close to the Mallam Interchange and ends around Bortianor.


Legacy and Threats

Records show that Pambros Salt Production Limited, a Ghanaian owned salt production company in Accra has gained recognition as the West Africa’s largest producer of salt. Pambros Salt Production Ltd. Produces salt that exceeds 350,000 metric tonnes and that places them as West Africa’s King of salt production.

The large tract of land on which Pambros carries out its salt mining activities is an attestation to the fact that Pambros has the capacity to produce more and even become the biggest salt production company in Africa. However, encroachers who slowly steal parcels of their land have become some of their greatest threats; Over 1,130 hectares of land have been encroached amidst other production challenges.


Many dug-outs have been made (which are called Salt Ponds) in the facility. With a very powerful pump, the sea water is channeled through certain conduits and delivered to the salt ponds in which they sit get evaporated, the salt crystals that form are collected, treated, processed, bagged and sold.


All kind of life exists in the waters of the facility; fishes, crabs, snails, mudskippers and many species of insects and birds. Birds found in the facility include the pied kingfishers, long-tailed cormorants, great egrets, little egret, black-winged stilts, yellow-billed kites and many more.

Bird watchers

Indeed! In a busy city, Pambros has become a haven for wildlife. Moreover, due to Pambros being one of the few havens for wildlife in Accra, bird watching activities are usually organized by the Ghana Wildlife Society for all who want to appreciate these birds.