Accra, the capital city of Ghana, offers a seafood lover’s paradise with its bountiful offerings of fresh fish. Due to Ghana’s proximity to the sea, fishing is a significant source of income in many parts of the country. From bustling fish markets to local eateries, Accra provides the most diverse range of seafood options in Ghana that cater to both locals and expats alike. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate through the vibrant world of Accra’s seafood scene, revealing the best practices for sourcing the freshest fish the city has to offer.

Type of fish in the Ghana seafood market

Before we delve deeper into that, let’s have a look at what type of fish are in the Ghana market. It is useful to note that the fishing industry operates by seasonality. This means that certain species of fish will be more abundant during certain periods of the year. 


This is one of the most commonly consumed fish in Ghana. The availability of Tilapia often increases during the rainy season. It is also relatively one of the cheapest fish, as compared to Tuna or Salmon for example. 


When someone in Ghana mentions salmon fish, they actually refer to mackerel. Mackerel is basically the “salmon” of Ghana. Usually grilled or boiled and consumed with fufu. 

Sardines & Anchovies 

In Ghana, sardines and anchovies are mostly consumed in tins or cans, and added to dishes such as indomie, local salads, stew or rice. 


Often consumed dried or smoked.


Mostly comes from fish farms 

The top secrets to securing top-quality seafood in Ghana

  1. Know Your Seasons: The availability of fresh fish often depends on the fishing seasons in the region. Stay informed about the seasonal patterns of different fish species to ensure you’re enjoying them at their prime.
  2. Connect with Local Fishermen: Establishing relationships with local fishermen is a surefire way to access the freshest catch. Visit fishing communities like Jamestown or Osu to interact with the fishermen and purchase directly from them.
  3. Visit Fish Markets: Accra boasts a multitude of fish markets, each offering a vibrant array of seafood. Head to Makola Market, Chorkor Market, or Kaneshie Market to explore the wide variety of fish on display.
  4. Morning Market Trips: Early morning visits to the fish markets guarantee a wider selection of freshly caught fish. Arriving early allows you to have first pick and choose from the day’s catch.
  5. Evaluating Freshness: Examine the fish’s appearance for clear, bright eyes, shiny scales, and vibrant colors. A fresh fish should have a slightly briny scent reminiscent of the sea.
  6. Trustworthy Vendors: Seek out reputable fish vendors known for their commitment to selling high-quality, fresh seafood. Word of mouth recommendations from locals can be invaluable in identifying such vendors.
  7. 7. Local Delicacies: Explore traditional Ghanaian fish dishes such as grilled tilapia, banku and tilapia soup, and fried fish served with spicy pepper sauce. These dishes showcase the local culinary prowess.
  8. 8. Restaurants and Eateries: Many restaurants in Accra offer an extensive seafood menu. Research and choose establishments known for their commitment to using fresh, locally sourced fish.

Places to buy fresh fish from in Accra

Tema Fish market: Located opposite the Starkist plant, near the fishing harbor in Tema, this is one of the most significant seafood markets.

Jamestown Fishing Harbour: Located in the cradle of boxing champions, Jamestown, this is a very interesting place to see on its own. It has a fishing harbor where you can witness fishermen bringing in their catches and buying seafood directly from them.

Max Mart fishmonger: With locations in 37, East Legon and Tema, Max Mart has a fish section where they bring fresh fish daily. Worth checking it out. 

Canoe Beach Fish Shop: This is a grocery store located in Cantonments which also has a restaurant. 

Osu night market: Osu market, considered one of the best local Accra markets, is open day and night (with a difference in products you can find during the day and during the night) but the best time to visit is at night.

Osu market

In addition to traditional Ghanaian delicacies like Banku and Kenkey, fresh octopus, prawns, crabs, and white fish are spiced and cooked outdoors for sale. 

Best seafood restaurants in Accra

Accra is a melting pot of culinary options and when it comes to seafood, we can assure you won’t be disappointed. 

Bella Afrik: Italian cuisine’s most genuine dining experience in Accra and excellent seafood options on their menu!

The Maya Cova: Located on the Labadi road, apart from enjoying a nice seaside view, they have a vast seafood selection worth tasting out.

Lytanan Chez Christine (The Ivorian place): Located behind Shoprite on Oxford St, this is the best place in town for a nice, freshly grilled tilapia, accompanied by acheke (a side dish made from cassava that is popular and traditional in Ivory Coast) and delicious avocado salad (they also have grilled choked available). 

The Neem Grill: tucked away in a residential area, the Neem Grill offers a stunning area to enjoy delicious seafood at. 

Canoe Beach Sushi Grill: a sushi restaurant. It is advised to make reservations in advance. 

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