Here you can find the list of some of the best shopping Malls in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana. It is the ideal excuse for a day of shopping, restaurants and fun with family.

Best Shopping Malls in Ghana

Accra Mall

The Accra Mall is a state-of-the-art retail and shopping center in Accra, Ghana, located on the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange adjacent to the Tema Motorway. The mall was commissioned on July 4, 2008. It is one of the modern shopping malls in West Africa and the first large-scale shopping centre in Ghana.

There are two department stores at the Accra Mall. These are Game and Shoprite. All kinds of foods can be found there. Some of the restaurants include Barcelos, Basilissa and Nominom, Burgar King, Enda Foods, Le Must Family Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Chicken Inn, Rose Joy, Say Cheers, Second Cup, Steak Escape, and the Counter.

There are home and gifts shops such as Ashfoam, Monos, and Maydan Home Décor. All kinds of fashion and accessories (both local and foreign) can be found there too. There is Nallem Clothing, Mr. Price, Bata Shoes, Jet, Kiki Clothing, among others.

Accra Mall

Accra Mall

Other shops include health and beauty shops, electronics, and entertainment. To sum all up, everything that a shopper needs can be found at the Accra Mall.

The beautiful thing is that the mall is not far from Green Views, just about five minutes’ drive away.

West Hills Mall

The West Hills Mall is one of the largest retail centres in West Africa. It is situated on the Cape Coast highway on the western side of Accra. The mall was opened in October 2014.

The mall has a mix of local and international retailers, restaurants, banks, and cinema complex. As usual Shoprite and Edgars have registered their presence in the mall. Electronic shops as Compu Ghana, Electronic Hub, Hisense, Starlite, Telefonika, and ZKTeco Experience Centre are all at West Hills.

Fun4Kids, Silverbird, Vulkano Vip Casino are among the entertainment centres there. Health and beauty centres also include Exotic Trendz, Life Health Care, M.A.C, and Thai massage.

All the popular food courts such as those found at the Accra Mall are all available at the West Hills Mall as well.

The jewellery shops also include American Swiss, My Accessories, Swiss Watches, and Tessori. Stanbic Bank, Cal Bank, First National Bank, Global Access, Standard Chartered Bank are all present at the mall.

The location of the mall, though far from Green Views, offers tenants the opportunity to know other parts of Accra, and a wide shopping experience than they could get anywhere in Ghana.

The Junction Mall

Located in the suburb of Nungua in Accra, Ghana, the Junction Shopping Centre is the go-to venue for residents in search of popular clothing brands and restaurants. The mall was launched in November 2014. Compared to the West Hills Mall and Accra Mall, the Junction is very small in size.

A unique feature about the shop is that it is a desirable location for people who love quality, beauty, and tranquility. It is firmly anchored with Shoprite and Mr. Price. Other fashion shops include Nallem Clothing, Bata Shoes and Jet. With the food court, Barcelos, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn are all present.

Both shops outwardly face the car park, with outside dinning which both have a kids’ area with inflatables that allow parents to drop the kids to play around while they shop.

The Junction mall is very convenient for people living in and around Tema. It offers another fine opportunity for Green Views residents to explore Nungua and its environs.

The Achimota Mall

The Achimota Mall was opened on 29th October, 2015. It is one of the beautiful malls in Ghana. It was opened to bring shopping closer to people living in Achimota, Dome, Lapaz, St. Johns or Ashongman, among others.

The mall is one of the nicest we have in Ghana and offers shoppers a fantastic shopping experience. Compared to the Accra Mall and West Hills, the Achimota Mall is less populated and busy. Its design is quite different in how it opens its corridors to congenial climate, delivering an enjoyable and refreshing open air feel in parts and making for a more tropical environment.

The Achimota Mall

The Achimota Mall

The shop has two main anchor tenants, Shoprite and Palace, and more than 45-line shops that offers goods and services in different retail categories including grocery and foodstuff, electronics, fashion, beauty and wellness, telecommunications, as well as a variety of restaurants. All food joints found in the other malls, including KFC, can be found at the Achimota Mall.

The Kumasi City Mall

The Kumasi City Mall is a shopping mall located in Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana, and the first of its kind in the Ashanti Region. It was opened on ‎May 10, 2017 and It is the largest in the country and even West Africa. It is anchored by Shoprite and Game as the two main tenants. It has a state-of-the-art movie theatre, fitted with deluxe furnishing and superior acoustics and image projection. It is Ghana’s first world-class watch and dine cinema.

The cinema has four screens and a total of 330 seats. All four screens at the cinema are 3D and projections are made with High Definition imaging equipment.

The unique thing about this mall is, unlike the malls in Accra, this one has a local chop bar, making it the Ashanti Region’s pride.

Once again, the Kumasi City Mall offers a unique shopping experience like never before in Ghana and it provides a wonderful opportunity for tourists in Kumasi to get whatever products they want, be it local or foreign.

Accra is a paradise for shoppers. Aside from everything you can find in these shopping malls, there is a wide range of shops in Accra – from home decor to electronics and online shopping, there’s nothing out of your reach!

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