Because of our stunning location, tenants from Green Views can literally walk to some of the best restaurants in the Airport Residential Area. There’s really no need to use the car if you like walking. In a range of 2 km from Green Views, you will find the best food in Accra.

Best restaurants in the Airport Residential Area

Our exclusive community is located in one of the best and best neighborhoods in Accra. Situated just a short drive away from Kotoka International Airport, it features great shopping malls, health centers, private schools and of course, some of the best restaurants in Accra


Santoku is the stylish new wave Japanese restaurant with is delicious food, located less than 1 km away.


Skybar 25 is the perfect choice if you want to see the best views in Accra. Just get the lift to sky bar on the top and enjoy fantantis cocktails and dishes from the tallest building in West Africa.

Osteria Michelangelo

Osteria Michelangelo is one of the best Italian restaurants in all West Africa! It’s located just 3 minutes away from Green Views Residential, a perfect excuse for a nice slow walk after dinner.

La Chaumière

Experts in French cuisine (with a hint of North African influences), La Chaumière restaurant has been making people happy for almost 20 years.


Azmera is a great eating option near the Airport Residential Area if you feel like enjoying great Ghanaian food. You’ll be enjoying the taste of authentic Ghanaian recipes. It’s situated less than 1 Km from Green Views.

Cuppa Capuccino

If you’re looking for the best brunch in a lovely atmosphere, Cuppa Capuccino is the answer. Discover their light and delicious salads, sandwiches and smoothies.


Ito-ya, was created by Sam, a Ghanaian who lived in Japan for 12 years, and speaks fluent Japanese. The recently renovated japanese restauran it’s literally around the corner from our lovely community of Green Views. The place is very popular with the staff of JICA (Japan Cooperation) whose offices are nearby.

Chapter One

Last, but not least, Chapter One restaurant, inside Via Monticello Hotel, it’s aif you like a warm atmosphere and nice Italian food.

Accra Restaurants

If you want to expand your horizons and explore the vast landscape of gastronomy in Ghana’s capital, feel free to check our guide to the best Accra restaurants. From vegetarian, to indian, to chinese, Accra has all types of restaurants for everyone!

Stay-at-home meals at Green Views

Garden and pool

Garden and pool

You can walk or drive to all this restaurants and be there in less than 5 minutes, however you can also enjoy lovely stay-at-home meals and make use of the BBQ area by the poolside and garden.

But if you are not in the mood to go out, you can stop in Koala supermarket, and buy your groceries to make something in your nice and very comfortable kitchen, or maybe eat with the stunning views from Green Views balconies.

By the way, if you’re interested in local food, don’t miss our post about the Top Five Ghanaian Dishes.