When you think about Ghana, probably the first thing that comes to mind is jollof rice, relaxed and friendly locals or even, gold, right? Most likely thinking about Ghana startups is not on the top of the list.

But for many years Ghana has been mostly in the background in terms of tech in Africa but things are changing. Recent moves by big tech companies — Twitter setting up its African headquarters in Ghana and the 2019 launch of Google’s AI lab in Accra, are a clear example of a rising tech scene.

Top 10 Ghana startups to watch for in 2022

Ghana is the 8th largest economy in Africa right now, with its GDP of $73 billion and yearly growth rate of 6.5%, as stated in an article by Tech In Africa. So, it’s only natural you get to know the startups that are contributing to that. These are the top 10 Ghana startups to watch out for in 2022.


Appruve is a pan-African financial data API that uses financial and identity data across Africa to detect fraud and automate compliance in an organisation.

In 2019, the startup won the Hague Institute of Innovation of Law Innovating Justice Challenge West Africa regional final. In 2020, it also emerged second at the grand finale of Innovating Justice Forum 2020, held in the Netherlands.
The KYC/Verification company has a range of API products that can be used to onboard users, validate their identity and income, and even perform searches on companies and people.

Heny app

Heny App is an online platform for food ordering and delivery. The users can order food from nearby local restaurants that have registered on the platform. The food is delivered by its own delivery team. It also allows customers to track their food orders in real-time and make payments on the application. The user can also rate the order through the platform.

They won at the MEST Africa’s 2020 incubator and came away with $100,00 in pre-seed funding.

The Accra-based startup is looking to shape the future of lifestyle in Africa. Currently they are also offering experiences – painting nights, drumming classes, excursions and much more!


DremOval digitalises and connects large businesses to emergent markets by facilitating collections and payments in real time. Although it is already one of the biggest software companies in Ghana, it is highlighted because of its product Slydepay. Formerly known as iWallet, Slydepay is, perhaps, Ghana’s most popular payments processor. It is so popular because it is the cheapest in the market. For mo-mo transactions, the fintech company charges 0.8% of transfers. Its main rival, ExpressPay, charges 1%. Telcos, on the other hand, can charge up to 2.4%.

Trotro Tractor

Trotro Tractor is a startup based in Accra made up of a team of young passionate Africans using internet of things (IoT) and technology to change the lives of smallholder farmers. They do this through the provision of platforms, which makes agricultural mechanisation (Tractor) services available, accessible and affordable to enhance productivity, improve efficiency and reduce post-harvest loss.

In other words, farmers can connect with tractor services registered with the company to book their services.
It has reached more than 10,000 farmers and 300 tractors so far.


Knowing your postcode or someone else’s can be a little difficult in Ghana (many Ghanaians when giving out adresses never know their postcode!) Well that is where SnooCode comes in. It is a unique 6 or 7-digit alphanumeric code which allows quick and accurate address saving, sharing and navigation, even when there’s no Internet or cellular access. It works in 3 very simple steps:

  1. Stand outdoors and select ‘Generate Code’
  2. After your unique code appears, select ‘Save Code’
  3. Name and save your code in either your ‘Personal’ or ‘Public’ address book

SnooCODE not only provides you with a unique, private and memorable address, but it also shows the optimal route for travelling between multiple points.

Founded in 2011, the startup has gotten much recognition and accolades from big brands, such as Coca Cola (Finalist of their The Next Big 6 in 2017), winner of British Council Study UK Alumni Awards Entrepreneurial Award, winner of AFD Digital Challenge in 2019.


Zeepay is the fastest growing fintech focusing on digital rails to connect digital assets such as mobile money Wallets, Cards, ATMs, Bank Account and Digital Tokens to International Money Transfer Operators, Payments, Subscriptions, International Airtime and Refugee payments.

In December 2020, the company raised $940,000 from British investors – GoodSoil VCs. The raise was the highest disclosed round by any fintech player in the country in 2020.

Box Conn

Box Conn’s mission is pretty straightforward, to help anyone deliver anything to anyplace. Beginning with Ghana, they are trying to democratize the African logistics space by providing equal opportunity to everyone. They are also really eco-friendly as their technology does route optimization for their heroes and thereby emit less carbon into the environment through their operations.

The startup, which was launched in 2020, raised $100,000 pre-seed funding from MEST last September.


Kwidex is a revolution in the agricultural sector that affords the everyday Ghanaian an opportunity to own part of the value in agriculture. Through crowdfunding, Kwidex gathers funds from Users for farmers and other practitioners in the agricultural value space to finance their work. Contributors in exchange get an agreed share of the profits from the projects they contribute to.
The agro-crowdfunding platform has become one of the easiest ways for Ghanaians to invest their money. Depending on the package being paid for, investors can earn up to 6% ROI per month.


InvestSika is on a mission to make investing accessible to all Africans. It would allow Ghanaians to buy and sell shares in local and foreign companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange and American stock exchanges, notably the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq. With a mobile money account and smartphone, you can start trading and investing in the stock market with as little as GH₵60.


Zuberipay’s goal is to help Africans to increase their personal cash flow and enable them to react to unplanned events better, allowing workers to access their salary anytime, anywhere.

Although it is still in beta, it is one product you can bet will catch on once it is publicly available.

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