Navigating the local Accra markets can be a little stressful and overwhelming at first, but they are great places to go to if you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables or any other local produce.

In the past we shared our guide to the best markets in Accra, that focus on art, jewelry, activities and beauty products, as well as artisanal objects. This time we provide you with 8 different local Accra markets you can visit. Each market has its benefits and its downsides, apart from the fact that one market may be better at finding a specific product than another.

Makola market, the largest of the Accra markets

Could you write about markets in Accra and not mention the Makola market? Probably not! Makola market is the largest open-air market in Accra and probably the most known in the whole of Ghana. Whatever you need, you will find here (except for automobiles); construction materials, fruits & vegetables, textiles, clothes, jewelry (both fake and authentic), plastics, even juju ornaments!

You can also witness the Kayayo Girls. Don’t be surprised if any young girl with a bowl on her head comes up to you offering to carry your goods for you in exchange for some money.

Did you know that Makola market spans across approximately 15-20km? And did you know that it is also sometimes referred to as the Central Business District? This is because it is divided into different distinct sections: Kantamanto (the largest second clothing market in Ghana), Okaishie, Rawlings Park and Cowlane.

The major sections open as early as 6am and close around 8pm. If you want to avoid the chaos and hectic movement (although it is also something you should experience at least one) it is best to get there as early as possible.

A few tips when you visit Makola market

  • Be very mindful of your personal belonging as there are a lot of pickpockets
  • Have a lot of patience. Due to the competitive market scene, vendors can sometimes come across a little aggressive and mention obroni prices. So definitely practice your negotiation skills!
  • It is advisable to go with a local person who can guide you around to the right places. It is very easy to get lost.
  • Places you will not regret visiting when in Makola are Kantamanto (you can find all sorts of clothing pieces and fabrics) and the food stalls at Rawling Park to enjoy some local dishes.

Vegetables at Saagar Indian Store

The Saagar Indian Store is a store located in Osu (on 6th street almost opposite the Huawei store) that offers many Indian groceries. Actually a great place to find a variety of spices at much cheaper prices than Shoprite or Melcom for example.

But we are not going to talk exactly about the Indian store but the vegetable stall sellers you can find inside the compound area of the Indian shop. They have vegetables you will not find so easily around Accra. What type of vegetables do we refer to? Cauliflower, fresh parsley, zucchini, spinach, and other more common vegetables like beetroots, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

Osu night market

Osu market is open day and night (with a difference in products you can find during the day and during the night) but the best time to visit is at night. There are a few night markets in Accra but few can be compared to this one. It is not as big as other markets, but has a lot to offer and is open till very late in the night.

You can find fruits, vegetables, eggs, tins of milk (you name it!) but the reason you should visit is for its food sellers (and very economical prices). Kebabs (just for 10ghs), salad bars (get a full salad bowl for as cheap as 15ghs), fried rice, and all local ghanaian dishes .You should try and find Kontomire stew, a traditional cooking ingredient in Ghana (Cocoyam leaf, an African Indigenous vegetable, somehow similar to spinach) with rice.

Madina market

Madina market is like the smaller version of Makola market. You can find similar things you will find at Makola, especially food products and household goods. The prices here can be slightly higher as most merchants will source their products from Makola.

A good tip to keep in mind is to pick an Uber or taxi as opposed to driving with your own car because finding parking will almost be impossible.

Agbogbloshie market

Access to the market can be a little tough (also better to take an Uber or taxi to get here) but it is worth it for the abundance of fruits, vegetables and herbs (parsley, dill, mint and rosemary) you can find here. Most of the products you will find here come from Northern Ghana and Burkina Faso.

As with Makola (and honestly every market) is best to come as early as possible to avoid all the hustle and bustle.

Slahaa market

This is the market you should visit if you want fresh fish. It’s a small market located close to Jamestown beach and is much more accessible and easier to navigate than other markets. This is due to the structure of the market which is one long stretch, as opposed to stalls.

The fish is also relatively cheaper than what you will find in Makola for example.

Adenta market

Adenta market offers a variety of local produce in an environment which is much less stressful and easier to navigate (very small compared to other markets). One of the benefits is that parking is easy and available.

Local Accra markets to buy meat

Fadi’s Butchery in Osu

Fadi, the owner of this meat shop, brings all his meat from Burkina Faso (and is of course halal meat). You can find a variety of meat available, even already prepared meat which is delicious. You should try the fajita meat (which is already seasoned) or the already prepared burgers.

The already prepared meat is a little more expensive but totally worth it if you do not have that much time to cook but still want to eat something healthy and delicious.