Cinemas have always been a part of the Ghanaian history, with some of the earliest cinemas established in the Gold Coast era. If you’re a movie fan and you want to catch the hottest movie premiere or the latest Ghanaian movie, we invite you to discover the best cinemas in Ghana and Accra.

Brief history of Ghanaian cinema

Before we take a look at the best movie theaters in the country, let’s take a brief look at the history of cinemas in Ghana.
The very first record of the exposure of the Ghanaian people to cinema was early in the 1910s when Basel Missionaries began to project slides to groups at Christiansburg in Accra as part of Bible classes.

Later on, other missionaries decided to follow suit and use projected images for evangelism. Later on, Mr. Alfred John Kabu Ocansey, a Gold Coast merchant started building a chain of cinemas in Accra in the mid-20’s and 30’s, with the first one located at Bartholomew motors around UTC (Accra).

Palladium Cinema in the 1930s

Over time, the masses patronized the movie theatres the rise in profits led to the rise of famous theatres like Palladium and Pac cinemas located in the heart of Accra and Adabraka which was popular for its screenings of silent films on hand-cranked projectors, and audience participated through loud reactions and comments.

Historic Palladium Cinema

During those days, people would rush home from work and change out of their work garments, just to rush to the cinemas and watch the newest movie making waves. Hundreds of people trooping to the cinemas meant that more structures had to be put up to either expand them or build new ones to accommodate the masses.

Most movie showings were accompanied with musical selections during intermissions. This made the whole experience fun and vibrant.

Gradually, the expansions meant that cinemas were established outside Accra to support the growing number of people. After the death of Mr. Ocansey, foreign investors acquired the rights to the Opera cinema. They also created the Obit, Oxford and Orion cinemas. The Indians also formed a Consortium and created the West Africa Picture Company which included cinemas like Rex, Regal, Royal, Rivoli, Roxy, and Rialto cinemas.

Decline of the movie theater business in Ghana

Cinema attendances in Ghana saw a gradual decline in the late 70s and into the early 80s. This was due to the advent of the Videocassette recorder and tapes which made movies easily accessible for people to watch at home.

Many homes acquired video decks and bought video cassettes for family entertainment. The technology with time became more and more affordable and the average person could also purchase them. With time, the cinemas went out of business.
One by one, they shut down.

Fast forward to the 2020’s, there was an increase in the interest for cinemas, because movie companies will show trailers on YouTube which would raise the interest of people. Silverbird coming to Ghana became the turning point and revived the interest of Ghanaians in Cinema.

Best cinemas in Ghana

Let us throw some spotlight on the cinemas to visit in Ghana.

Silverbird Cinemas Ghana

Silverbird Cinemas Ghana established by the Silverbird Group, (a real estate, mass media and Entertainment Company based in Nigeria) is one of the premier names when it comes to cinemas in Ghana and West Africa as a whole.

It has a spacious and luxurious cinema hall that provides movie enthusiasts with an immersive cinematic experience by focusing on the five human senses. With a total screen size of 65 and a 4DX technology (the first of its kind in West Africa), Silver bird Cinemas is the one to beat in Ghana.

They have two branches in Ghana – The Accra Mall (Accra) and West Hills Mall (Weija). The Accra Mall has 5 screens and has capacities ranging from 177 to 285 and that is the similar capacity of the West Hills Mall. This makes Silverbird one of the largest cinema chains in West Africa.

The cinemas also provide excellent customer service to moviegoers. It also premieres and promotes local and international movies as well which receives massive patronage.

Functions Cinema (formally Global Cinemas)

Located at Weija in the Greater Accra Region, Global Cinemas is a multiple luxurious world class entertainment facility that offers movies in both 3D and 2D, with Dolby surround sound, plush seating and food concessions that offer excellent customer service.

The cinema shows movies from Ghana, Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, and other global movie industries. The cinema also offers a Gaming arena built to enhance family experience.

Watch and Dine Cinema

Ever wondered how it would feel to enjoy a full course meal of your favorite dish while watching the full cinematic feel at a movie theatre? This world-class cinema has a built-in restaurant that offers a full menu meant to be enjoyed in the movie theater.

Located at the Kumasi City Mall, this multiplex cinema complex has four cinema screens that offer 2D and 3D cinema experience. It’s also well known for being the best hot-spot for romantic couples dating in Ghana, who head there for dates. So, if you ever need a place to relax and watch your favorite movies, then kindly try Watch and Dine.

Ferret 5D Cinema

This cinema offers great quality time for family bonding. This is not the usual cinema you may be used to – It is a 5D theatre which shows short family movies in 3D which moviegoers watch on from a hydraulic car. This ‘’park ride’’ cinema offers sensory stimulation similar to 4DX technology.

It offers customers a crazy ride throughout the movie and can even go the lengths of spraying mist of water on customers. It’s an ideal place to take your kids and family. Ferret 5D cinema is located at the Marina Mall, Airport Residential Road (Accra).

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