Not too many people know that surfing in Ghana is actually popular. Many would associate Ghana with great food, Afro dance or Kente fabrics, but definitely not surfing. With its long coastline and world-class surf waves, Ghana may very well be the next big surf destination. Its location is the perfect location, receiving swells from the Southern Hemisphere.

Surfing in Ghana

The good thing about surfing in Ghana is that it is not crowded such as surfing spots in Bali or Hawaii. This makes it perfect specially for beginners who will not have to fight with other surfers to catch their first wave. In addition to waves, you will be able to relax after a hard session of surfing and take in the beauty of kilometers of white, sandy, tropical beaches.

Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, Ghana has a surfing spot for you. If you want to know the best surfing spots in Ghana, then look no further.

How was surfing introduced in Ghana

More than 100 years ago, locals would use scrap wood as surfboards. 2010 was the year in which Brett Davies aka. “Mr Brights” settled down on the Ghanaian coast and surfing was finally formalized.

Brett was the initiator of the West African Surfing Association (WASA) and also the one to open the first surf school in Ghana. This was a great kickstarter into introducing surfing in West Africa.

7 Best Spots For Surfing In Ghana


Busua is the surfing capital of Ghana. It’s the most well-known location for surfing and the most crowded. Part of this is because it was the first official surf beach where the first surfing schools and shops were set up. Not only is it a good spot for surfing but it’s also known for being the place for volunteer and backpack travelers. Despite that, it has still retained its fishing village charm.

It’s great for beginners due to its shallow white water waves. If you are a more advanced surfer, you can check out “Black Mamba”, a right point break located a 20-minute paddle away from Busua beach. For great accommodation, you can also visit Busua Beach Resort, one of the top beach resorts in Ghana.

There are a variety of surf schools in Busua offering surfing + accommodation packages. You can check Ahanta Waves Surf School & Camp who also have a beautiful Eco Lodge.

For food you must visit Okorye Tree Restaurant, owned by four local entrepreneurial women who serve both local and international dishes, all freshly cooked.

Dixcove Point

Dixcove is a colorful and animated fishing town, located not far from Busua. If you stay in Busua, you can incorporate Dixcove Point as a day trip from Busua. The good thing about the spot is that it offers waves for everyone and it’s not as crowded as Busua beach is.


Tills beach is one of the top three clean and swimmable beaches in Ghana. It is also a great surfing spot! If you are a beginner, Tills may not be the best choice for you as there are no surf schools or surfboard renting shops (you must bring your own turf board).

This spot is mostly recommended for more advanced surfers, as the waves are bigger. The sea is also much cleaner and less populated than Busua for example. The drive from Greenviews is approximately a two hour drive. Please take into consideration that there is no other accommodation on that beach apart from Tills Beach Resort.


The closest surf point to Accra, Kokrobite is also one of the most popular surfing spots in Ghana. It’s a great place if you just want to have a quick surf session and go back to Greenviews by sunset. Kokrobite is also home to the Kokrobite Carvers, a surf and lifesaving club set up to help the youth of Kokrobite. It is also where the annual International Surf Day Contest is held.

Apart from surfing, this location can offer you plenty of other entertainment, budget accommodation and live music. A very popular place that is almost a must attend place when in Kokrobite is Big Milly’s Backyard, defined as Kokrobite’s oldest beach resort and were all the fun happens.


This spot is only for experienced surfers. It’s a 20 minute walk from Big MIlly’s Backyard. If you get to surf here, be proud because beginners definitely do not get to ride waves here.

Cape Three Points

This is the furthest surfing location from Accra. It’s a 7h drive from Greenviews so it will definitely mean you would have to take it as a mini surfing vacation in Ghana.

However, it’s surely worth it, also because of the great eco lodge called Escape Three Point Ecolodge we recommend you stay in. The best part about Cape Three Points is the beautiful, serene, location, with its long, white, sandy beaches. Surfing requires quite a paddle out, but it will surely be worth it!

Apart from surfing, this spot offers plenty of other activity options; mountain biking, mangrove canoeing, batik workshops, drumming lessons and a guided visit to Cape Three Points Lighthouse.


This place is a bit tricky to find so the best thing to do is go to the surf shop in Busua and ask for directions. It will require an extra 2-3h drive. Once you reach you will have to pass through a forest and once you pass the first cove, the second will have a beach break.

This spot is ideal for beginners, thanks to its quiet atmosphere, its clean break and the fact that you do not need to paddle out very far for the break. Please keep in mind that there are no shops around this area so you will need to bring your surfboard with you.

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