Human Resource (HR) Companies are enterprises that provide human resource solutions. This ranges from hiring personnel to doing some Human Resource consulting work. They exist to make the jobs of entrepreneurs easier. If you’re an entrepreneur or expatriate in Ghana running startups or projects you might actually need the services of these firms. In this article you will find the Top 5 most reliable HR companies in Ghana.

Why are HR companies so important?

Talents and skills are the fuel that keeps our businesses running. Entrepreneurs cannot do much on their own because they are constrained by time and by pure physics. It is a normal practice in business to hire others with skills and talents in the business to help the business expand and grow and that becomes a win-win situation for everybody.

However, many companies and enterprises want and need personalities and skills that are a good fit for the particular work environment as well as tasks to be completed. Getting this is not an easy task. So without further ado, here are the main companies in Ghana that might actually help you and also come in handy if you’re looking for jobs in Accra.


This is one of the first names you will hear when you ask of HR companies in Ghana. L’ainé was established in 1994 and they have grown in size and in the scale of their operations. There are over 3000 active employees who work with enthusiasm to deliver results that satisfy their clients and solve their problems.

Even though they started out as a recruitment agency, they transformed to an HR agency that provides a plethora of HR solutions. Actually, L’ainé is the first formal recruitment agency to be set up in Ghana and they continue to grow stronger. One of their solutions which has caught on and become a norm in the banking sector is the use of field executives to bring banking to the doorsteps of Ghanaians.

They pioneered the implementation of that solution and now all the other banks also use this method as well. L’ainé offers services such as Career counselling, Interview grooming, salary surveys, transport services, organization development, trainings, outsourcing staff and many other services. The head office is located in Tema and there is a Branch at Adabraka 


This Dzorwulu based company has also gained a good reputation for it’s Human Resource inspired solutions for established companies and startups who need their services. Insight HR solutions is committed to helping companies make great hiring decisions by designing, implementing and supporting the recruitment process.

To help do that, they have a comprehensive CV database from which they can match the right talents to the right employers. They have successfully been able to meet the needs of the banking, oil & gas, health, hospitality, education, civil engineering, aviation, telecom and mining industries.

The reasons for their success are their dedication to providing quality, their efficiency and their punctuality. Some of their clients have been MTN, Helios Towers, Deep Ocean, Orsam Oil & Gas. They provide services which include recruitment and outsourcing consultations, payroll structuring, business training and development, expat services such as immigration support, meet and greet, accommodation and transport services.


This company boasts of being able to provide business solutions to over 200 companies as well as having over 125 strategic partners. With success, they have been able to work together with notable institutions such as Novarti, Bosch, Russel Mineral Equipments, Hapag-LIC and many more.

HR Ghana Solutions provides services that are not limited to Human Resource Outsourcing, Recruitment, Training and Development, Payroll Services, Salary benchmarking, compliance with local laws. HR Ghana Solutions has an office located at Labadi, opposite Jokers Night Club in Accra. 


Since its inception in 2010, JobHouse has continued to service its clients and customers with quality outsourcing. Their portfolio of services includes HR consultancy, payroll management, Recruitment services, contact staffing, web design amongst other web services.

The offices of this company are located in Spintex, a suburb of Accra and in Kumasi. In 2020, JobHouse outsourced over 800 talents and skilled people who worked with their clients in many different sectors of production like in construction and engineering. They also provide corporate training and development that are tailored to address staff and organizational needs and are provided by skilled and qualified moderators and facilitators which ensures that the objectives are achieved.

This builds team spirit and increases the capacity of the team to work efficiently with new technologies. Simulation exercises, individual exercises, lectures and workshops, coaching and mentoring are some oof the methods used by JobHouse Solutions to deliver results. In Accra, they exist on the Number 7 Spintex Road whiles in Kumasi they are located at Kumasi Airport Police Station.


Located in Accra, Learning Organization is a top tier firm committed to progressing human resource practices in Ghana. This firm is accredited by Atlas UK (United Kingdom). Their services include: Contract staff management, where Learning Organization efficiently manages the client’s contract workers (non-core) internally to add value and create a positive image for the organization, which in turn increases per capita.

The Firm maintains the use of Performance Management systems that maximize workplace productivity as well as providing an efficient payroll administration that ensures that employees are paid on time.

Learning Organization also provides Courier services, recruitment and selection of qualified candidates to work for clients, performance management that streamline procedures for organizations, employee and management motivational programmes and a human capital system implementation designed to help organizations cut cost effectively. This business is located in East Legon, on 19 Abidjan Street.

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