This is the time of the year harmattan will arrive. The winds from the Sahara desert will reach west Africa and its important to know some tips to deal with harmattan, specially for those who have never experienced such event before.

For the local people it’s something very easy to deal with, they are use to it and know how to protect themselves. For expats, it could be a hard experience but there is always something you can do to minimize the effect of the dust winds. The harmattan weather by its nature is harsh, and with this harshness comes some adverse effects.

Here are some things you should use to protect yourself and your health during this season.

  • Keep the skin and hair healthy by applying oily creams at regular intervals.
  • Stay hydrated. This just might be the sole most important tip to beat the dry season. The season itself is called ‘dry’, so our focus should be on staying moist and hydrated as much as possible.
  • Keeping a lip balm in your pocket, car and handbag for constant applications will keep chapped, dry lips at bay.
  • It is also advisable to wear sunglasses to protect the eye from dust.

Every season comes with its own challenges. In Ghana, specially in Accra, harmattan don’t bring cold weather, sometimes its just a couple of weeks with, like, foggy weather, hot and more humidity then usual, for those who like to take pictures harmattan and its colors can provide beautiful photos.

Green Views Apartments - Pool Area at Night

Green Views Apartments – Pool Area at Night

The pool at Green Views is the perfect place for refreshment after a harmattan day. Green Views has taken into the consideration the weather in Accra so we have big and shady balconies, cross ventilation and a nice pool with wonderful garden for you to take a swim, in the big pool, or just to relax and read a book close to the pool in our green garden.