The Indian community in Accra is vast and no wonder, the Indo-Ghana ties have been in existence for more than 100 years now. Indians haven’t missed their chance to incorporate some of their culture into Accra, bringing an amazing array of restaurants with them.

Lets see some good recommendations for Indian restaurants in Accra. Don’t forget to check our complete Accra Food Guide, for a full picture of the city’s gastronomic offer.

Recommended Indian restaurants in Accra

If you have experienced Accra long enough, you will know its a veritable melting pot of cultures. Green Views has already shared many different restaurants; from international, to vegetarian, and Chinese. Today it’s India’s turn.

Indian Salt N’ pepper

They say this is the best south indian cuisine restaurant in Accra. They are not wrong because at Salt N’ Pepper you will find authentic, veg and non veg, delicious Indian dishes. It’s a south Indian restaurant but they also serve other kinds of Indian foods & snacks.

Vegetarian main dishes include Kolhapuri (mixed vegetables in a tick, spiced gravy) for 25 GHS, Palak paneer (paneer in a thick paste made from spinach) for 25 GHS or Aaloo jeera (potatoes with cumin and other Indian spices) for also 25 GHS. Non veg dishes include Chicken Pakoda for 28 GHS, seafood options starting from 30 GHS or Biryani for 35 GHS.

As you may see, prices are very affordable.

Do not expect a fancy restaurant, but do expect to feel as if you have teletransported yourself to a restaurant in India. They play hindi songs in the background as well to add to the experience 🙂

  • Location: Mukose St, 4th Mukose link, Accra, Ghana
  • Opening days/hours: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm

Bhabhi Da Kitchen

Bhabhi Da kitchen restaurant will make you feel like home. They offer home cooked meals at a very reasonable price with generous portions. Dishes are a variety of Pakistani/Indian cuisine, all home cooked but the owner (a lady called Bhabhiji, from there the name of the restaurant) who is very welcoming and friendly.

You will find breakfast options, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is worth a try to test a typical Sub-continent or Lahori breakfast. For lunch/dinner we recommend the flavoured biryani and chicken khadai or the Nihari.
You can expect prices to be between 25-30 GHS. Also available for take-away.

  • Location: Eseefoo St, Accra, Ghana
  • Opening days/hours: Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Probably Tandorr Indian Restaurant is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Accra, it was set up by the guy behind Get Stuffed Deli in 1996. It’s since passed into the hands of his son, who continues the quality of great, traditional Indian cuisine.
This restaurant is more well known, especially by expats, so tends to get more crowded, as compared to the other Indian restaurants we have mentioned so far.

The restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor seating area. In the outdoor area, you will find big wooden tables set in a spacious, semi open-air dining room decorated with Indian tapestries. The indoor section has air conditioning, if you prefer, but the main area has the better vibe.

The environment is informal but decorated in such a way that will make you feel very cozy. This, in addition to how friendly the staff are, and the fact that you may find the owner going around the tables making sure everyone is happy, makes it a 5 star experience. Some dishes you should try are lamb khorma and lamb vindaloo as well as butter chicken. Prices are higher than restaurants we mentioned above, but still worth a try!

  • Location: Soula Close, Accra, Ghana
  • Opening days/hours: Mon-Sun 5:30pm-10pm

Heritage Indian Restaurant

An upscale Indian restaurant in the heart of Accra. It falls under the Noble House Hospitality brand, which includes three other restaurants: Noble House (Osu), Noble House (East Legon), Noble House Hotel and Restaurant (Kumasi), mentioned in our article “Top Chinese restaurants in Accra”.

This is the most expensive option out of all the restaurants we mention in this article. We have included it because we still recommend you try out Heritage Indian Restaurant to have a more “upscaled” experience of Indian cuisine. The atmosphere and decoration of the place also plays a role in the experience, as opposed to other restaurants which think more about the quality of the food – not to say the food is not quality here, but you know what we mean 🙂

They have veg and non veg options. You can expect to pay an average of 60 GHS for non veg main dishes such as Mailai Kofta (vegetable dumplings cooked in a hot curry sauce) or Paneer Makhani (cottage cheese cubes simmered in tomato gravy) and prices starting from 50 GHS for non veg dishes (grills, seafood, rice, etc).

  • Location: Presbyterian Church, Above Noble House, Next to Osu, Salem Ave, Ghana
  • Opening days/hours: Mon-Sun 12pm – 11pm

Sneda Restaurant

We already mentioned this Indian restaurant in our article “Top 10 international restaurants in Accra” but we had to include it onto this list too!

Sneda restaurant is a little hidden because it’s located inside Sneda shopping market on Spintex Road. The ambiance may not be the most cosy one, but the authentic Indian food is definitely worth it, especially their sugar cane juice (we think it is the only 100% natural sugar cane juice in town!).

  • Location: Spintex Rd, Accra, Ghana
  • Opening days/hours: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-8pm

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