Currently there is a bustling revolution of creativity sweeping throughout Africa that is growing at a pace like never before. Particularly In West Africa, Ghana continues to set the pace as an incubator for some of the most innovative creative talents. The huge tourism and migration wave is bringing the birth of many new ideas, interesting sustainable projects taking place in Ghana, as well as a new generation of Ghanaian startups, and Surf Ghana is one of them.

If you want to learn more about who Surf Ghana is, what they do and why you should visit their amazing skate park in Accra, keep reading on.

Who is Surf Ghana?

In their own words, Surf Ghana is a collective that uses the practice of extreme sports as a driver for diversity in education, social inclusion, and empowerment of the youth. Since their creation in 2016, they have already achieved to collect and donate 230 sports equipment, train 2000 children in skateboarding and surfing, organize 15 cultural and sports events annually and reach 23.5k fans and supporters on instagram.

They believe that by teaching surfing and skateboarding they will help improve physical and mental health. Studies have shown that life expectancy in Ghana is currently 63 years while in Europe it’s 81 years.

Through practicing sports such as the ones mentioned above, it can help reduce major health problems in Ghana like diabetes and obesity and thus contribute to increasing life expectancy.

Another thing they offer is a platform for local artists to promote their creative work and to celebrate them. They have teamed up with local artists like Art Soul Kojo, Ahmed Partey, David Alabo or Awo Tsegah, so they can help promote tolerance, respect and peace amongst the youngest locals.

One of their main goals in 2020 was to create a skatepark in Ghana which was successfully created in December 2021, called Freedom Skatepark.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and the support of influential figures worldwide such as Vans, Tony’s Chocolonely or AFD, it has been successfully built and has been an undulating creative haven for urban youth ever since. Future plans involve creating a community planted green area, a skate shop, and a co-working hub built with contemporary and local construction techniques, as part of its on-site facilities.

Those are just a few reasons why Spotify in Ghana may have decided to make a cash donation towards their cause.

Surf Ghana’s projects in a nutshell

Skate Gal Club

The future of sport in Africa will not be complete without women inclusion. With this powerful statement in mind, through the Skate Gal Club they want to teach a group of 30 women how to skate in Accra every week and plan monthly events that will serve as inspiration and empowerment to women.

It will consist of multiple activities such as skateboarding lessons, painting, poetry, yoga, dance, spoken words, creative and educational workshops that improve the lives of young women.
If you want to support, you can leave your donation here.

Skate Tour GH

Every year, a road trip is organized in Ghana to encourage the youth to practice sports to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. A beautiful team is built with this initiative – 20 skateboarders sharing their passion and teaching 1000 children how to skate, and filmmakers and photographers who document the whole journey.

The skatepark

The first safe space to practice extreme sports with a dedicated coaching program & Wi-fi café to empower the youth of Ghana.

In case you are interested in visiting the skate park, it is located at Shiashie, East Legon. It is open everyday from 9am to 7pm, with special late-night sessions scheduled for Fridays and Sundays. Access is free, and you may also have the possibility of getting access to skating gears if you wish. As part of their programs, you can enjoy open sessions and free skate lessons.


The first digital skateboarding video competition on afro beats forcing collaboration between 50 creatives and bringing African skateboarding in pop culture.

Their services

Currently they offer a skatehouse, a surf experience and a skate experience. The skatehouse is an airbnb room you can rent located in Osu, specifically directed for entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers and all those who love urban life and good atmospheres. The surf experience gives you the chance to book a surf trip to Busua, Dixcove, Cape 3 Points and other amazing surfing spots in Ghana.

Last but not least, the skate experience which is a chance for you to explore Accra and the surrounding areas on a skateboard! It will help you stay engaged while feeling the city vibes like a local.

Would you like to get involved with them?

You can get involved with Surf Ghana in three different ways. You can partner with them. Maybe you work for a company that you feel would make a great partnership? If you have some free time, another option is to volunteer with them. Here is a list of some other NGO’s in Ghana you can volunteer with.