The hustle & bustle of Accra can get a bit too much sometimes. Although our Green Views community is located in a more quiet area of the city, being able to get away from our routine, stress at work or even the crazy Accra traffic from time to time, is something very important. For this reason on this occasion, we wanted to talk about three luxurious weekend getaways in Ghana. If you want to give yourself a treat, you will definitely not regret visiting any of these places.

Three luxurious weekend getaways in Ghana

Shai Hills Reserve, glamping in beautiful Ghanaian nature

In 1962, this area was declared a Forest Reserve. In 1971 it was converted into a game production reserve and nowadays it’s one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Ghana. It has a total area of 51 square km, being a perfect getaway (or even day trip from Accra) surrounded by nature, wildlife, and outdoor activities like rock climbing or hiking.

You will find three luxury tented camps in the middle of nature (and who knows, you may even get a visit from a baboon or zebra!). They are situated deep in the reserve, approximately a 7.5km drive using the inner routes in the reserve or about 11km drive using the outer route which starts from the reception area.

It should take about 25minutes but take into consideration the roads are not great (especially if you have a low car) and it may take a little longer to arrive at the campsite.

The tents are decorated beautifully inside, the bathtub and the views from bed being the highlight of the room. Morning and sunset views and the tranquility around are just priceless. It can get pretty chilly so we highly recommend you bring some warmer clothes.

Another aspect to point out is that it is highly recommended you bring your own food for lunch and dinner (breakfasts are included in the price). An arrangement for food can be made if you are staying for two nights or more, but if it is only one night it is advised to bring your own. They do have a grill on site which you can use to make a bbq. Please note that it is also possible to camp in your own tent in the premises, offering a rather budget friendly experience.

Activities on site

If you are looking to combine your getaway with outdoor activities (not just relaxation time) this is a great place! You can do a 2 hour hike with the option of getting driven, walking or using a bicycle to arrive at the hiking grounds. On this hike you will find yourself rock climbing and taking in gorgeous views of the reserve. You also have the option of hiking to some historical caves that were originally inhabited by the Shai people and then expelled by the British people and forced to move to other parts of the region.

Game viewing (mini safari) is an activity included in the price. You can find baboons, greater spot-nosed monkeys, antelopes, kobs, bushbucks and duikers. You can also enjoy over 173 species of birds.

How to get there

Shai Hills Reserve is a great destination to visit in Ghana. You do not have to travel all the way to the North if you want to experience a safari!

Located in Doryumu in the Shai Osudoku District, it is approximately a 50km drive from Accra (it would take you about 2h to get here, depending on traffic of course), making it the closest wildlife and nature reserve to the capital.

As always, we like to encourage you to be more adventurous and try traveling more locally (yes, you guessed it, by tro-tro!). You would have to make your way to Accra Mall where there is a shared taxi and tro-trop stop just outside of the car park area of the mall. From there you can take a shared taxi direct to Tema (Ashaiman stop). From there you can take another tro-tro to Doryumu and get off at the southern entrance of the reserve.

About Shai Hills Reserve

  • Price: 700ghs per night including breakfast and a 2h tour. Pre-book in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Check in/check out times: 4pm for check in and 12pm check out.
  • Telephone: 0247241073 / 0302984187
  • Email:
  • Instagram

Royal Senchi, a first-class pampering experience

The Royal Senchi is situated in one of the most serene and beautiful locations of Ghana, on the banks of the famous Volta river in the Eastern Region. It is approximately 84km from Green Views, which is about a 2h drive (as we always say, depending on traffic).

The accommodation

The rooms are so beautifully decorated, with their own private little balcony with direct views to the Volta river. You have river view rooms which are 35-40 sq metres (for two people) or the river view suites which are a little bigger, 63 square metres (also for two people).

A buffet breakfast is included in the price, access to their pool area as well as other activities on the river such as kayaking. Kayaking is definitely something you shouldn’t miss because it allows you to go around the Senchi Island which again offers beautiful views of the river (you can see the Akosombo Dam from a distance and of course take amazing pictures!).

How to get there

Traveling by tro-tro is not that bad either. You should make your way to Madina, and once there you can take a tro-tro Akosombo direction and ask the driver to stop you at the Royal Senchi hotel. It doesn’t stop directly opposite the hotel entrance, but on the main roadside, which is only a 5 minute walk to the main entrance.
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Tip: We really suggest that you have lunch outside of the hotel at least one of the days. Just a 10 min drive, towards the main town, there is a stretch of other different accommodation sites located just by the riverfront. The stunning views you get are priceless. That doesn’t mean Royal Senchi doesn’t offer those views, but you can experience a different perspective in one of these resorts.

  • Price: Starting from 1686 ghs (without breakfast) and 1779 ghs (breakfast included).
  • Check in/check out times: 2pm for check in and 12pm for check out.
  • Telephone: +233 (0)244958822 / +233 (0)303409180
  • Email:
  • Website

Sojourn Cabin, a touch of luxury & minimalism, mixed with adventure

Finally, we meet the last of these weekend getaways in Ghana: Sojourn Cabin. This cabin hasn’t been built that long ago but has an enormous popularity already. You should book a couple months ahead if you want specific dates. The location is absolutely stunning because it is just a few steps away from the sea, in a very serene environment.

The cabin is photogenic from all angles. Indoor and outdoor being equally beautifully designed, the outdoor design being all glassed. You also get to have your own small swimming pool. Just imagine waking up and jumping directly into the pool!

TIP: If you fancy a relaxing day at a swimming pool, don’t miss our article about the best swimming pools with views in Ghana.

The accommodation

The inside is air conditioned, with a stable wi-fi and kitchen which has all necessary utensils for cooking. If cooking is not your thing, you can order from Anomabo beach resort which is just next door and food will be delivered to you. In the evenings, you can have your dinner next to a bonfire on the beach, could it get any better?
Photos from: Sojourn cabin official Facebook Page

How to get there

This cabin (only one for now) is located in Anomabo in the Central Region of Ghana, just before Cape Coast. It is approximately 146km from Green Views, that is about a 3/4h drive (depending on traffic and other factors).

If you want to opt for a tro-tro experience, make your way to Kaneshie, and from there you can either take a Ford bus (25ghs) that goes straight towards Cape Coast without stops or a tro-tro, which would be a little cheaper but would take longer. For both options, ask the drivers to stop you at Anomabo beach road junction. From there you will have to take a taxi direct to the cabin.

  • Price: 189usd/per night during weekdays and 199usd/per night during the weekend.
  • Check in/check out times: after 1pm for check in and 10.30am for check out (please note that they are unable to provide early check in or late check out).
  • Telephone: +233-59-303-9930
  • Email:
  • Website

At Green Views we are happy to hear about your experiences! Do leave us a comment if you experience any of these three luxurious getaways ☺